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Mask sought for 1/72 AZ/Admiral/Legato Wildcat series

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As the title suggests, I am looking to see if any manufacturer makes a mask set for the AZ wildcat series. I have the F4F-3 and the FM-2 Wildcats and if no mask set has been made are there alternatives that would be very close?


Thank you,



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No to any masks for the Airfix kit,you want the Eduard yellow kabuki set for the Hasegawa* kit don't get any vinyl masks


*This is what the AZ/Legato/Admiral** are based on and the canopy is identical to the Hasegawa one.


**Etch for the Hasegawa kit fits them also.

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Thanks all, I have the Airfix kits and the ed masks to go with them. They are certainly bigger. Ironically, I acted immediately and ordered the makertar set @Procopius recommends, then saw @Gwart's post about the hase' kit. So I will be buying both.

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