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HP Victor B.2 1/144 [GWH+ShelfOddity]

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My white 1/144 whale is ready to go public.

GWH kit with my pe fret and refueling probe and pitots from Master.


This is XL164 B.2, Blue Steel aircraft. Modelled without Blue Steel. With no evidence to the contrary I assumed that when no missile was carried, the bomb bay doors had been replaced. This is an important factor/excuse, as I tried to be reasonably accurate, but still be able to finish the model within a decade. 




The base is supposed to represent Cottesmore taxiway after storm, drying quickly in scorching tropical sun of England. Why the aircraft itself is dry? - you may ask. Well it has just landed after good weather flight.

Post-flight ministerial inspection is about to begin.










The Conways were known for their power output and reliability rather than cleanliness:















It took some effort to photograph the subtle effect created by polishing panel centers and leaving panel lines matt.








As mentioned - it is very subtle, and easier to spot when moving around the model. Shaprer lighting helps to bring out sheen variations (a little)




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The blisters are made of 1mm plastic rod cut diagonally and sanded to get approximate shape. After this generous use of black paint did the smoothing.


Actually there was no varnish at all. I used Gunze Mr. Base White in multiple layers and then soft felt for polishing.

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Thank you!

I am still wondering if my decision to leave bomb bay door in place of Blue Steel missile recess has any basis in fact - does anyone know?


(Victor will be making public apperances at Wrocław Model Show, Poland (1-2. April, we hope to have larger group of 1/144 models on display there) and three weeks later at Moson Show, Hungary)

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