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Ju52 desert camo scheme

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Hi all,


I'm looking to build a 1/72 Ju52/3m in desert North Africa scheme and like the look of the image below:-




So can anyone tell me what theatre this one is from?  Also if anyone has any profiles for the full livery that would be great.





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That is not a genuine scheme.  That's a recent warbird with a replacement engine (presumably three replacement engines) and an invented scheme.  That's an Afrika Korps badge, but most photos of the Ju52 in North Africa just show the standard 70/71 scheme.  What looks most odd (apart from the pinkish tinge) is the multi-coloured cowling.  On the plus side, there should be plenty of photos around showing the full scheme, and modelling warbirds is totally legit.


I believe that you may be able to find genuine desert scheme examples, possibly what this is inspired by, but can't think of one offhand.

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Hi, Doc

At least one Tante Ju had been painted in a desert scheme of sorts, although a temporary one. That was Ju 52-3m g4e 4U+NH, belonging to either 1 or 2/(F)123 or maybe both, if the plane had changed units during her service. Two colour photos had been published in Flugzeug publication and one can be found online on the following location:


Also, decals for this colour scheme are included in a Print Scale set in 1/72. As all Stammkennzeichen are in black anyway, one can print them at home without too much trouble. Cheers


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Thanks guys all very helpful info, knew I should ask here first :)


To elaborate a little this is part of a 2 ship commission build, and the request was to produce a desert scheme similar to the one shown below:-



I realise this one is again a warbird (tailwheel giveaway?) but I quite like the scheme although detail photos are a little scarce online.


The first of the commission builds being an Eagles Dare Ju52 which I completed last week:-








Thanks again Graham, Chris and Jure and my hunt continues for desert scheme references.  Alas I fear the camo might be a DIY job :)


All the best











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