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German Motorcycles of WWII Part 1(9781944367022 )

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German Motorcycles of WWII (9781944367022)

A visual history in Vintage Photos and Restored Examples, Part 1

Ampersand Group via Casemate UK




The German military machine made perhaps the most use of the motorcycle during WWII than any of the combatants, using it as troop transport, for messenger work, reconnaissance and other combat related jobs, and they had a number of excellent bikes in their arsenal.


This book from Ampersand by the prolific David Doyle carries on the format of the Visual History series, with 120 pages of great photos from sources both contemporary and from preserved or restored vehicles that are now in the hands of collectors.  The book contains over 250 photos in total, with many of them large and highly detailed.  The pages are split between the types with a useful potted history given on all types in the introduction.  Covered in the book are the following bikes from two manufacturers:


  • BMW R4
  • BMW R12
  • BMW R35
  • BMW R71
  • BMW R74
  • Zundapp KS750






While the contemporary photos are in black and white, the preserved examples are photographed in full colour, and the detail in which they are depicted would be an absolute boon to any modeller, especially those wishing to go for ultimate realism.  As noted in the title, this is Part one of this series, so we can expect at least one more volume that will doubtless include other types used by German forces in WWII.








Whether you have the models that you intend to use this book for reference, or have an interest in the subject, this book will give you all the reference pictures and some besides, as well as some inspiration for dioramas.  The preserved examples are of particular high quality, and as close to an in-service machine as you could wish for, although probably a bit cleaner!


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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