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New in stock, Seals Models ship kits.

Mike McCabe

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New arrivals today, we have some very hard to find injection plastic kits from Seals Models of Japan. These are mainly Japanese subjects from the early 20th century including the battleships Mikasa, Yashima and Fuji and cruisers Iwate, Izumo, Tokiwa and others.
For a change of pace and a little colour there are three Antartic research ships / icebreakers, Soya, Shirase AGB-5002 and Shirase AGB-5003. These last two are different ships with the same name, the latter being that currently in service.
Finally we have a resin Bangor class minesweeper, two kits are included in this set.
All available today on http://www.starling-models.co.uk
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