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1/550 scale Discovery from 2001 A Space Odyssey

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Hello everyone,


Here is my next project ... building the USS Discovery from 2001 A Space Odyssey.


The kit is a mixed resin and white metal kit by Pahser (although on the box it says Made by Reshape). I've never heard of this make before. Has anyone come across Pahser kits before?


When built the Discovery should be about 12 inches long.  On the instructions, the scale is stated as 1/550 ... which would make the real Discovery 550 feet long (some estimates put the length at 700 feet so it's in the same ball park).  Can't really expect too much fine detail on a kit of this scale.  There is some good detail on the engine block ... but poor mould lines and resin bubbles, flash etc on the command module.  There is a brass tube that forms the back bone of the ship upon which the containers (30 of them) are glued onto supporting rings (30 rings).  Again a bit of white metal flash here and there but nothing too serious.  The engine nozzles have good detail although one has a bit of a dent at the end (see photo).  I should be able to straighten that out a bit.  The radio antennae lacks detail ... but as it is less than 1cm in diameter it is to be expected.


I'm sure I can add a bit of extra detail here and there.


Thanks for looking





























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On 07/01/2017 at 6:15 PM, Kallisti said:

Ouch thats some nasty casting, lots of clean up in your future I fear!


Yeah ... it's pretty bad in places.  Just about every white metal piece needs some tidying up.  Some are worse than others.  The command module (resin) has some pretty nasty seam lines.  The front windows are a real mess :(:(


Lots to do.  It'll keep me busy and off the streets.





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1 hour ago, whitestar12chris said:

Having built this kit, there is a lot of work involved but the end result is worth it.


All the best Chris


Hi Chris,

Many thanks for the link.  Wow, what a fantastic build.  Love the little Ape-man.


Thanks for the heads up about the spine-engine and spine-command module connection.  When I read through the instructions my first thought was ... that's never going to hold even with super glue.  I think I've got a steel or brass rod somewhere in my bitty box.


Yes my thoughts exactly Hunter Rose ... I rather like a challenge when undertaking a build.







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Well ... this is turning into a bit of a nightmare ...

  • Very poor casting of metal parts, lots of flash especially on the storage modules along the spine.
  • Very poor resin parts with lots of bubbles and holes
  • Command module with split along centre line
  • Engine module wrong shape especially at the rear end.
  • Engine nozzles too wide to fit correctly at the rear of the engine

the list goes on ...


I'm half tempted to scratch build a new engine module ... but I don't have much free time at the moment.  

Might just build it straight from the box, do the best that I can.  After all, it will only be about 12 inches long when completed so can't expect too much.  


Shame it is such a crappy model ... it wasn't cheap.


What would you do in these circumstances?


A rather unhappy Pete



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Feels weird 'liking' someone's problems. The internet is a strange place... :unsure: Obviously I don't like the way you're having snags, mate. But there isn't a 'sympathise' voting button.


What I'd do is what I've been doing for years with uncooperative white metal and resin. Put it all in a box, so everything is readily to hand, but out of the way when you're doing other stuff. Nothing worse than a stalled project staring at you while you're doing something fun with another kit! When you have a spare minute, dig out a single component and spend some time tidying it up. If the mood takes you, do another one. If it doesn't, back in the box until next time. There's no hurry, the hobby is meant to be relaxing and fun. If it's not, do something else for a while.


On a more practical level: needle files and a decent metal tipped flash remover should help with the modules. Acrylic putty or resin (green stuff) will fill the bubbles. It shrinks as it sets, so have those files ready the day after. Lots of careful filing, filling, sanding and buffing should sort out the command module. Sponge files are a fave of mine- UMP make some decent ones, but there are plenty of competitors out there. The nozzle is gubbed anyway, you've nothing to lose taking some linesman pliers to it and gently squeezing out the dent. Adjusting the fit of the nozzles into the engine is yet more patient filing and filling. It might be fun to scratch build a new antenna? Some sprue and mesh can be very effective with just a little effort, have a look at the ship modellers wip threads for some inspiration.


If you're anything like me, once the kit parts are neatened up you should find your mojo again. I'd love to give the bridge and hanger doors some OSL. It's a favourite painting effect of mine that would be very challenging to pull off on a white or pale grey model. Good luck with it shipmate, if it helps, the more effort you put in the greater the reward when it's finished!

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Hi oileanach,


Thank you!!!!!!


I did almost exactly what you have described ... I put it away for a while ... got it out ... did some tinkering ... and then went back to the model again.  

I've straightened out the nozzles ... they look much better now ... and have removed all the white metal flash from the parts.


I did discover another issue ... the size of the engine module is out of proportion to the rest of the ship.  It is too long when compared to the length of the model and has the wrong shape especially at the rear.  I'll probably cut it down to size and re-shape it so that it looks approximately right.


In the meantime, I've thought about how to attach the nozzles to the engine body (with pins) and how to drill holes in the command and engine modules for the brass tube that forms the spine.  That's the bit I like ... solving mini problems.  Yeah, getting my Mojo back ...









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  • 4 weeks later...

Sorry for the lack of update with this build.  In fact I've decided to stop this build (for the time being ... or even permanently) as I've recently acquired a Lunar models version of the Discovery from a fellow forum member.  Not done much as work is getting in the way ... plus a few other things ... hey ho.


Watch this space ...



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Hmmm...Pahser > Reshap(e)...almost a palindrome. That makes it all better, doesn't it?! :unamused:  Oh yeah -the Command Module looks like it was the victim of a highly amateur trepanning experiment.  But I'm sure the Lunar version will be a massive improvement; the Disco is a rather beautiful object inside and out, and for my money a more desirable ether vessel has never graced the screen!


Will book a seat for the re-boot here if I may! :popcorn:



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Discovery is definitely the one I want in my stash having watched the film and read the books many times (desperate for some further insight!) I have even considered trying to 'scratch' one as the currently available kits are either not available, very poor quality (as demonstrated in this thread) or just prohibitively expensive. I will watch with interest to see how you progress with the Lunar kit.

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