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MC.202 Upgrades (for Hasegawa/Eduard 1:48)

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MC.202 Folgore Upgrades (for Hasegawa/Eduard)

1:48 Eduard




The recent reboxing of the excellent Hasegawa kit of the Folgore with some Eduard goodies brought a few comments along the lines of "It's a shame they didn't do something about the main gear bays", and now they have, as well as some landing flaps for even more detail on the underside.



Landing Flaps (48907)

A single fret of brass with a relatively low part count due to the captive nature of the many ribs that will be visible when the flaps are open.  Initially you have to perform some surgery on the kit to remove the bay area, and reduce the thickness of the edges to enable the new flap bay to fit in.  This sounds quite onerous, but with some careful scraping with the side of sharp blade, it can be done relatively quickly, so that hoovering up all the mess takes longer!  With that done, the bays are then constructed by folding over the long strip and then twist the ribs into place, securing them with a little CA.  This is repeated for the opposite wing, and for the two root sections of the flap bay that are built up separately and fit to the lower wing, while the main parts attach to the underside of the upper wings.




The flaps are built up the same way, then have a number of longerons added and a length of 0.3mm wire from your own stock.  Some cross-braces are added to the ends, and five hinge parts join the flaps to the wing.  Finally, a small actuator rod is made from 0.5mm rod you must provide, which slips under the covered part of the bay, which means that it makes more sense if you paint the bays before you insert them into the wings.




Undercarriage Bay (648278)

The real aircraft has a quantity of pipework resembling spaghetti in the bay centre, which isn't depicted by the kit's bay, and more than one member has commented on this omission in the past.  This resin and PE set arrives in a clamshell box, and contains sufficient parts to completely re-vamp the bay, and is surprisingly keenly priced.  The main box has a multitude of parts moulded in, and has a detailed painting guide as you go along.  More hoses are added along the way, and structural tubing intertwines, with yet more added as the two aspects of the set are brought together. 




The kit's bulkhead is skinned with a detailed rendition of the bay wall, and small holes are drilled through the plastic part to accept hoses later on.  A number of smaller PE detail parts are added, and once painted interior green, the "greeblie" box is mated with the bulkhead and a set of PE wiring harnesses are installed amongst it all.  A PE centre section between the two wheel wells is constructed, while the kit analogue is removed from the lower wing section before installation.  The bulkhead and detail part are then added and construction continues as normal.  You can see the completed set in the rendered depiction below, which was shamelessly lifted from their site.







Review sample courtesy of


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16 hours ago, 73north said:

I missed this update set when it was first introduced in 2016 -

its fabulous !! - note it also fits the C.205 from Hasegawa / Italeri 





As it should be: the C.205 was little more than a re-engined and upgunned C.202. A number of C.205s were actually converted 202 airframes

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Yeah . I have Air Enthusiast number 24 that details the C.205 and the Air International mag that goes over the C.202 . Both mags are old but so well written and researched !

I found that the old Moskit 1/48 exhausts for the DB601 take a lot of work 

to fit to the kit fuselage being wider and longer ( which was expected ) .

i wouldn’t like to fit the DB605 exhaust ,,!

I am also on Stormo!

I have the Gallery build on the Fiat G.55 by Special Hobby on the site ( 1/48 )

If you are interested ( Red Devil’s squadron ) 

kind regards David 

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