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I love these scratch built projects. :popcorn:


Are you also using some plans as well as upscaling the Revell kit? The Revell B747-400 is a bit thin in the tail around the APU and nose cone.

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I'm working with a Revell kit with additional Heller 1/125. I fixed nose based on the photos, but I need to check one more time the tail around the APU - it seems to be okay, but I prefer to make sure.
The conversion of AIM kit would be simpler, but I like to build from scratch.


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Using a smaller model to up-scale to 1/72nd - Wow! I'd never have thought of doing that!

Will be watching this with great interest. :popcorn:

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I'm glad you like it. The work is slowly going forward. As the skin I'm going to use HIPS 0.5mm. This is a very soft material, so I do a lot of the frames with additional stiffeners. Otherwise, the body would be too limp and could easily be damaged during further work.















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2 hours ago, dadofthree said:

:wow:looks like you're planning some open cargo doors!. I am truly impressed!

puts my own project http://airfixtributeforum.myfastforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=80&t=35235 to shame. :worthy: :goodjob:


I am watching your build as well :D

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