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Nissan GTR Trio - Has become a quartet!

Alan R

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Having finished the Lamborghini late last year, and nearly finished the Mercedes, I decided to embark on a one-man multi-build.

I have in my stash the following:




The idea is to build them alongside each other as a one man 'group' build.

I think that the Japanese 'supercars' are pretty amazing beasts. Given that they were derived from humble origins in the case of these cars. I'm not sure about the new GTR. A powerful brute, but I think it's lost its way a bit.

These three are handsome as well as awe-inspiring.


The bottom one of these has already been started, and the body and floor-pan primed with Zero paints grey primer. The engine, suspension and transmission have also been completed.  


Hopefully I can get started very soon.


More pictures soon.


I'll get started on this project just as soon as the Merc is done...


Cheers, Alan.

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Finally got rid of photo-bucket images!
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OK. The obligatory sprue shots.

First, the GTR 2000:

This is the box contents. Pretty stuffed and PE as well.


Spues still in the bags at present.



You get a driver figure and extra plastic for the 'Street Custom' version. Different wheels etc.

I bought this on a whim after seeing a build of this here on BM. It was available from Hiroboy at a very reasonable price...


Now the Nismo GTR:



Again, extra sprues for the custom bits.

This was a Christmas pressy from my wife. A very understanding human being, if somewhat bewildered by my hobby  ("But where are you going to put it when you have finished it?" and "You have loads not even started, why do you want more?").


Finally, the 'ordinary' GTR (for want of a better definition...):

Body and floor-pan primed:



The sprues:


Transmission and suspension:



I am building this for my son, who adores all things Japanese.

It will be painted in that very bright metallic (or pearlescent) orange the Ford Focus ST (or RS, I can't remember...) comes in.

I think it's called 'Electric Orange'. Given my son's propensity for Metal music of all kinds, I thought he would want it matt black...


The plan is to get the first two up to about the same place as the last one, and then proceed forward with them as a group.

More to come

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Ah lovely build subjects Alan I love all skyline gtrs old and new. For me the original beast was the r32, it just demolished everything it came up against on most continents.



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Yes, I agree. In my opinion, the R32 is the best of the bunch. Beautiful lines with more than a hint of menace, and the muscle to back it up.

There's a guy at the local Volvo dealer who runs a tuned R34 model - go figure that one out... :)

 Makes a magnificent noise, but I think that the more squared off lines aren't as attractive as the R32.


All the best, Alan.

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Never underestimate the R34! There is no real limit when tuning these. Same goes for the R32 and R33 of course. I love the looks of the R32 and R34 equally. The R33 looks a bit odd in comparison (at least to me). Still a car I would proudly drive.


I will follow what you're doing here.

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35 minutes ago, Schwarz-Brot said:

Never underestimate the R34! There is no real limit when tuning these. Same goes for the R32 and R33 of course. I love the looks of the R32 and R34 equally. The R33 looks a bit odd in comparison (at least to me). Still a car I would proudly drive.


I will follow what you're doing here.


I have to agree on the r33 it looks fat and too wide and maybe a little 90s ford mustangy maybe because of 5he head lights being so big. R34 has become famous mainly due to a 5/10 bit part in 2 fast 2 furious and fast and furious(the 4th movie) it's a great car engineering wise but the standard car is a little square and boxy, don't get me wrong on it though i love the car i have even made a 2 fast 2 furious replica and have the v spec car to make soon. For me the r35 gtr is a modern day r32, it's a supercar for mid range merc money, yes maybe the looks are like marmite (love it or hate it) but it's not too dissimilar to the new BMW m4 with the angular styling.



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The trio has become a quartet...

I finally decided that the R-35 is a worthy GTR after all. I'm still not sure about the looks, but it does go like a rocket! It'll look great with the other GTRs when built


I chose this one over the Tamiya partly because it was cheaper (!), and partly because it has a bit more detail for the engine.

One review I read on the Tamiya R-35 was that the engine detail (which is really just the top end...) will be a challenge to mask and get to look good.

Since the engine is a separate item on this one, that should be a bit easier...


Here's hoping.



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I've built the KPGC10 kit, rfi on here somewhere. And it's a stunning kit.

I also have both those Tamiya BNR32 kits part started so will watch along.


Again I plan on doing what you seem to be doing and going for the hot skyline of each Gen. Or maybe you're just sticking to the GT-R's?


My plan is a kit of each of these:





KHR30 & KDR30








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Hi Ashley,


I'd love to do that, but space is limited. I already have about 60 24th scale car kits to build other than the ones I'm already working on! (I daren't  event look in the Loft and Garage!)

I recently did a speculative summing up of models that I would love to get from Hiroboy, and the result was around 850 quid!


More kits are in the pipe-line, but as and when the wife agrees... (We still have two adult children at uni that need financial support... :()

Still, your list looks impressive. I look forward to seeing those builds...


All the best, Alan.


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  • 9 months later...

Hello All,

Finally an update. I started to paint the R33 GTR. It had been primed, and I had decided on the rather fetching perlescent orange of the Ford Foucus RS, or ST.

However, I had a minor disaster. I had painted the body with the base coat, and wanted to finish the undersides of the sills, so I stuck the body upside down on my standard mounting device, a water bottle with blu-tac. All seemed to go weell until I took the body off the bottle, and a largish chunk of paint stayed attached to the blu-tac! :(



This is after I had carefully sanded the paint pack. All I need to do now is re-prime the roof, wait 24-48 hours and re-spray with the base coat.

Anyway, the other parts didn't fare as badly:


The floor-pan


The bonnet.


Not much progress, but it's nice to be woring on my models again.


Thanks for looking,

All the best, Alan.


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  • 1 month later...

Hi All,


Some more progress.

I started on the engines of the 2000 GTR and the R35. Don't aske why I started there, but there you go...

Some pictures:

The Skyline 2000 GT



As you can see, I have wired up the ignition wires. Now I need to drill out the 7 holes (6 cylinders + coli) in the distributor.

The little grey blob is the driver's crash helmet.

I lost that behind the work-bench after a minor mishap with the little storage container that I used to hold the parts, but after a while, I moved the bench and found it again.

It's grey because it's primed. Eventually it will be white.

The Nismo R33:


Not much done here.

Finally the R35:




More to come soon.


Thanks for looking, Alan.


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Hi All,


Another minor update:

This was the 'original' GTR that I started long before I decided to make it a quartet. This is where the engine and transmission have got.

This stage was reached a very long time ago. It just stalled....




I must admit, I am rather pleased about how this has come out.


Thanks for looking, Alan.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi All,


A bit more progress on the Nismo R-34 engine and transmission.





I have done some more work on this car's brakes, but no pictures yet. It's a little too cold to venture into the workshop at the moment. 

One minor issue was that I had put the Nismo decal on the oil cooler, then tried to settle it using Micro Sol. It didn't settle it, it obliterated it!

I managed to clean the remains off, but was a bit disappointed by the fragility of the decal (or the strength of the Micro Sol!!!)

I seem to remember using Micro Set & Micro Sol on the decal on the cam-cover with no problems, so not sure why it happened.


On a side issue, has anyone ever had an issue with the lids on the Micro Sol & Micro Set bottles?

Mine shattered after a year or two, suggesting that the plastic used is prone to UV degradation.


Anyway, I have ordered some Mr Mark Softer and Mr Mark Setter from Hiroboy, and I'll see how they go. Also, they are a lot cheaper than the MicroScale stuff.


Anyway, thanks for looking,



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Hi All,


I braved the freezing man-cave to take these pictures to show how much progress has been made. Not much, but still a little.

So here are the pictures:


The NISMO specific induction system and the lower part of the suspension has been installed. It begins to make the engine/transmission look a bit busier.

The engine and transmission are always my favourite parts of any Car/Aircraft build.

I have painted the front brakes in my home-brew satin black. This is a mixture of 2 parts Tamiya Matt Black (XF-1), 1 part Tamiya Gloss Black (X-1) and 3 parts Mr Color Levelling thinners. If you use Tamiya X-18 you get too glossy a result, I find. Once the weather gets a bit warmer (if ever ... :swear:), I'll paint the discs and callipers their correct colours.

I find that if I base-coat small parts satin block, metallic colours appear to be more 'metallic'. It's something that I learned from Warhammer modellers who always paint their figures black before applying the colours.

The wheels, also specific to the NISMO R-32, have been nearly fully primed. I use Tamiya XF-19 or XF-81 thinned with Mr Color levelling thinners as a primer. The thinners slow down the setting time of the Tamiya paint, so that it seems to flow a lot better. Brush marks just seem to disappear using this thinner. They are intended to be Gloss black. I'll use my new Iwata air-brush to paint them, when it arrives. It's a sort of birthday present ;).


Anyway more pictures of the NISMO Engine:




I hope to get more done on this soon.


I also remembered that I had a copy of TMMI that was published at around the time that Tamiya issued it's 1/24th GTR R35 kit.

There was an article about the GTR and a load of pictures were published of the engine room and cabin that will be very helpful when I get to doing those parts:



I'm doing mine in Nissan Daytona Blue, a rather fetching shade of Metallic/Pearlescent Dark Blue.


More soon, I hope.


Cheers, Alan.

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Hi All,

Just a small update. As I had got a new air-brush, I felt emboldened to have go at resolving the 'hole in the reef' problem with the R33 GTR.

So, I have got this far:



I think that another thin layer of primer is required as I can see a very small area of dark where the paint had peeled off.

It's not that obvious in the picture, but it's more obvious in day-light.


More to come.


Thanks for looking, Alan.

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Hi All,


Just another minor update.

I have primed the wheels on the NISMO GTR, and started on the top of the engine of the R35 GTR.


So, pictures:

The intakes and pipe-work.


There's loads of detailing potential on this.

Judging from the pictures I have, those pipes on the front appear to be polished aluminium or stainless steel. I think careful application of Molotow Chrome should highlight them nicely.

The wheels:


This was sprayed with Tamiya XF19 thinned with Mr Color levelling thinners and sprayed with my Iwata airbrush.

I was going to hand paint the gloss black on the wheels, but I think given the finish, I will spray them.

The front discs on the NISMO GTR:


I drilled out the cross-drilled holes in the discs to make them look a little more realistic (I hope!) A bit tedious, but worth it.

The wheels were primed with grey, coated with a mix of 2*XF1 + 1*X1. (It produces a better semi-gloss finish than X18, more satin, I think)


I have part primed the NISMO body and bonnet, but both could do with a bit more coverage.


Still a very long way to go.


Thanks for looking, Alan.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi All,

Another update on this quartet.

I have been making steady progress on getting the various GTRs further along. The weather hasn't been really conducive to getting stuff done, but I have been able to do a bit:

So, here we go.

The R35:


Sorry about the blurry image. The light was a bit poor and I was hand-holding the camera. I was also using my daughters camera, rather than my own, due to issues with memory cards going kaput...

I have managed to paint in the aluminium parts, and after a bit of touching up here and there have produced an acceptable outcome, I think. The Molotow pen was used for the stainless steel piping at the front of the inlet manifold.


The original R32:

The colour callout on the instructions stated that the wheels should be Gun-Metal (X10), so I decided that's what I would do.

I first primed them with my X19/Mr Color thinners mix first. I think that by priming the parts first, you get a neutral colour to paint on top of. This should lead to a more consistent colour when putting the top coat on.

I then sprayed Tamiya X-10, thinned down with ... guess what, and this was the result:


The finish is extremely good, with no 'orange peel' effect at all.


The R32 'Nismo'

This is the rear transmission:



You may or may not be able to see the teeny-weeny 'Brembo' decals on the callipers. Believe me, they are there.

The engine:


The only major difference here is that the fan has been installed.

The wheels:


Again, the finish is superb. I am well pleased.

Since this was taken, I have applied four very small 'Nismo' decals.

Just for comparison, I photographed the complete transmissions from both R32s:



The major difference sis the size of the disc brakes, on the Nismo version they are truly huge! The other difference is the turbo plumbing.


Thanks for looking.


Cheers, Alan.



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