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I see a relaxing evening of wedging in bar stock, clipping, carving, filing, sanding and polishing in your immediate future. Think how S-M-O-O-T-H it will be when done!!


Just an FYI: Super Glue and Sanding sticks are your "Friends", LOL



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hi all


here's where it's at :smile:


victor progress 170205 01


The nose join was easier than I expected it to be, and the Flightpath resin intakes are a beautiful thing.  The keen-eyed will note that the fin is being rebuilt - this follows a discovery that resin that is either not fully mixed or too old (not sure which, but probably the latter) actually eats plastic!  Who knew?  Obviously not me.....


victor progress 170205 02


The underside shows the repairs to the nose profile required by some over-enthusiastic sanding :huh:  Apart from that, looking like a Victor.


victor progress 170205 03


The outer wings obviously require a bit more work....  The wing tips need to be faired in and the gaps filled. 


More sanding awaits!

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So, it's back - rescued from the depths of page 20.  Where did that 3 months go?


Life and too many other projects in the way, but some progress should be obvious.  It is a beautiful design without all the later bumps! For some reason the port outer wing panel contour doesn't match the inner wing - hence the milliput awaiting attention.....




The prototype fin intake is tubing, laminated plastic card and elbow grease ^_^ Still some work to be done on the tailplane bullet.




canopy fits (nearly) - paint can't be too far away


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made it myself, your honour :smile:  exactly from what escapes me, but probably part of a fuel tank courtesy of the spares box, with a piece of plastic card to space it out a bit....

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