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Redboost's shelf of king's scale :-)


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Oh my goodness, looking at your results makes me wanna stop making plastic models ....

These are about the best I've seen this year.


You know, I also bought the Arado 234 book, which has your model in it - simply fantastic!

Looking forward to the coming year and more roll-outs from your fabulous factory ....

cheers from Vienna!

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Amazing models, Libor! You keep moving the bar - great work. I especially love your painting and finishing techniques. How did you like the Special Hobby Ju 87A? That one is on my radar for a Condor Legion build.




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Hi Ed,


all these were in the sole gentleman scale, of course. Sorry for missing pictures, they were uploaded in 2016 and disappeared from Photobucket later on due to their stupid policy.




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