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1/32 Luftwaffe BF109 + JU88 + HE111 Build

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Decided it's time to clear out some of my old stash, instead of selling perhaps i should build thes as that was what i originally intended......I think?


So here goes:




BF-109 G6 will be the late variant.

He-111 H6 will be KG26 1H+GP ? 

JU88 will be a C-2 perhaps 4D+FH ?




My problem for the outset is going to be finding RLM paints.


I have all the required Luftwaffe RLM colours: 65, 70, 71, 74, 75, 76, 81 and even 02 but these are all MM enamels. I really would like to use acrylic even if its lacquer based like tamiya and Mr Hobby Colour (gunze).

But i am skeptical on using MIG or Mr Hobby Aqueous. although they do RLM colour ranges.

Vallejo is a non starter as i think there colours for RLM especially the model Air range are not that accurate. also i want paint that is tough after 24hr of curing like Tamiya.


Open to suggestions....


Is the Mr Hobby Colour the way to go as it's probably tough and durable like tamiya?


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Some progress on the BF-109 G6.


Cockpit interior was XF 63 Tamiya 'German Grey' close to being a bit too dark. but OK after dry brushing.






Revell really do make great models now with very crisp detail and good fit. Although i wish there choice of grey plast was not so light, almost white under the light. A medium-light grey like Trumpeter would be much better IMHO!







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That looks pretty promising! I do have that Ju 88 in my stash too and was planning to build it in 2016, alas it didn't happen.


Regarding your search for colours I think you could have a look in the Revell Aqua Color range. I do have some Luftwaffe builds going on at the moment and now tried spraying Aqua color diluted with regular tab water and it's surprisingly smooth and controllable. The shades are also not shabby. The Light Blue 49 (RLM 65 equivalent) has a pretty convincing pale tone, much better than the Vallejo model air.

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Revell Aqua colour could be an option? How durable is the paint after curing and do you need to prime?


I find Tamiya can go straight onto plastic without priming and sticks very well, which is what i want for small painting areas.


Also do they all dry matt or is their any hint of Satin finishes?

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From my experience I can only say that they appear durable. They don't wear off easily neither get lifted off by masking tape. I did only use them on primer (Vallejo PU primer black) though. So I can't say if they stick well without any. They dry dead flat. Unfortunately no satin fnishes at least for the relevant shades. I'd just try it out. Since they are normally easy access at stores and not too expensive.

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Might be worth adding a drop of Future for a satin finish if you would prefer that, no doubt will add more strength to the paint too.


looking forwards to these :)

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