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Cessna O-2A "Oscar Deuce", Vietnam war

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Some really good work going on here, congratulations!

I'm a bit late to the party, with one and only comment about the Conti engine.

You did a splendid job detailling it, but the original resin part is a bit wrong.

Both cylinders lines are not exactly symetrical, there's a shift up front for the left line, so that left and right connecting rods are not facing each other. This is just starting to be noticeable in 1/48.

Keep up this very good work.

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I wouldn't have rised the subject if I haven't noticed that you really took care of the details.

Was your engine homemade? Or which brand is it?


Here's a topside picture.




Anyway, once everything's closed, nobody will notice this.


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On 2/17/2017 at 8:39 PM, _frequentflyer_ said:






Gee, you scared me, as for a second I thought you were scratch building coat hangers in 1/48...


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More details here...


Windshield is the worst part of the kit. Vacuum tecnique should be the right thing to do. Instead, I got easily a smoothing by '1000' wet&dry sandpaper, then Tremillimetri Italian polish and acrylic clear varnish by Humbrol, that were working great.... 






Landing gear strut is coming from the kit, the other one from spare parts. Inside of them I inserted a metal rod to give more strenght...






It's time to get the couple of cowlings on the front engine exhausts as shown...

See direction to the right of the gear given by pedals inside the cockpit....







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Next stop were the other clear parts. They were not so bad as the windshield but they needed to be smooth by 1000 wet&dry sandpaper then Tremillimetri polish as well.


After that, I glued each of them to toothpick by a little quantity of PVA glue. When dry, I immersed themselves into acrylic gloss varnish of Humbrol.


I took the occasion to get Tamiya tape strips in their each size in advance, following the instruction sheet numbers.


Clear parts of the rooftop were too small, I replaced them by Evergreen clear sheet at the right size





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Just caught up Alex what a lovely build. It is beautifully built. It's also a great tutorial to update the original. Which I'll be following one day!


What have you used for marker rocket pods? They've been driving me mad.

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Hi there,


thank you for your support! I've found some interesting infos on line but this is the best....




I used two rods of 2,6mm diameter according 1/48 scale with two small strips of styrene each of them. Painted by Testors 1711E FS34087 with preshading.

This is an interesting link about...







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Here is the more common LUU-2/B flare:




From here:



The flare case is unpainted aluminum. The flare designation, loading information, and the letters U.S. are stenciled in black on the side of the case. The word ILLUMINATING is stenciled in black on a 51-millimeter (2.00-inch) white band that encircles the case. The face of the LUU-2/B timer assembly is black, and is engraved and filled with white phosphorescent paint. The face of the LUU-2A/B and LUU-2B/B timer assemblies is black, with a white phosphorescent decal marked in black. The timer knobs are white, and the tip of the knob is painted with white phosphorescent paint.


edit: here is another drawing showing a few more details:





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