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1:72 Classic Plane Sopwith Tabloid

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Happy New Year everyone!
To start off 2017 here are pics of my Sopwith Tabloid, the second half of the double build (Sopwith Baby) started in August. This was my first vac kit and I learnt a lot from it. It's a fairly easy kit for a first  so no major problems. My biggest challenge was the wings, which were not very well represented. I removed the surface detail and added the ribs with plastic strip, sanded down to reduce the thickness. 
 The aircraft represents number 168 of the Royal Naval Air Service, based in Antwerp up until October 9th 1914. On that date, Sqn Commander Spenser Grey in 167, and Lt RLG Marix in 168 left the airfield, (now deserted as the squadron had already withdrawn) to bomb Zeppelin sheds in Köln (167) and Düsseldorf  (168). Bad weather stopped 167 reaching its target so Commander Grey bombed railway yards instead, but Lt Marix in 168 found the airfield and bombed the sheds, destroying Army Zeppelin Z.IX. His aircraft was damaged by ground fire, including a hit on the fuel tank, and he ran out of fuel on the way back to Antwerp. He returned to the airfield by train and bicycle, arriving to find the airfield being shelled, so he and Sqn commander Grey abandoned 167 and a BE2a and left.










 I hope you like her!


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Fantastic!  :wow:


1/72 that stands up to this kind of camera work. I have so much to learn. I followed your build,and will most certainly review it for my next biplane.




Garry c



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An absolutely beautiful model.   To produce something this good from a vacform, the very thought of which brings me out in hives, in 1/72nd scale shows some seriously good modelling skills which I, sadly, don't posses.  I've always thought the Tabloid a particularly advanced looking aeroplane for its time and this model certainly does it justice. 

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