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A lonely Titanic.

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I didn't get much done this year due to a mojo crash, some health problems and major changes to my modelling space. Fortunately I did manage to finish a Revell 1/700 RMS Titanic (with PE by Tom's Modelworks and a wooden deck from Artwox) which I enjoyed putting together, so it hasn't been a complete disaster.  










Hopefully I can get back on track for 2017 and I hope you all have a great one too!




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On 02/01/2017 at 11:43 PM, Murdo said:

Damn! That's a cracker!


Love the rigging, what did you use?

The rigging is Uschi elastic thread (I forget which scale but any of the three should look good in 1/700), I find it much easier to use than stretched sprue and it can hold up to the odd bump or two as well.




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