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HMS Hood Replacement Funnel set 1:200

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HMS Hood Replacement Funnel

Scalewarships.com 1:200


Whilst Trumpeter got the funnels correct in their 1:350 and 1:700 releases, for some strange reason they got the aft funnel on their 1:200 release very wrong. The kits aft funnel is smaller than the foreward one, whereas they should be the same. Now, Pontos Models have released a huge update set that actually includes a replacement funnel and its accessories, but the price may put some modellers off. This is where Scalewarships.com come in with their release of a set that only includes the funnel, thus keeping costs down. The set includes a beautifully cast resin funnel, two funnel bases, one with a clipped end, and an alternative one with angular sides. There is also a new funnel cap to finish off the ensemble. The single large sheet of relief etched brass includes the funnel cap, upper and lower hand and foot rails, walkway, alternative walkway, and their respective walkways, along with walkway supports and capping pieces for the funnel cap cage. The instructions are nice a clearly written out, although with only one picture as a guide. The resin parts will need some cleaning up and finishing off, not to mention cleaning with warm soapy water.




This is another great little addition to the modellers arsenal and allowing the modeller the choice of buying the super expensive Pontos or Mk1 Designs sets, when you ‘d only need to buy this set to make the kit that much more accurate, and the modeller these days always needs options.




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