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The MTO GB II Chat

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Looks like you good people liked the MTO GB :hmmm:so why not put up a new proposal for next years' vote, if so sudden Part 2 isn't against Britmodeller rules - what have we got to lose, anyway? So it's up to us Britmodellers what happens next; will there be the required 30 members to carry this to the Vote? Will the euphoria last and will we get enough votes to get the second shot so soon? I'm ready anyway :lol:

Edit: here's what this is all about:

"Eligible builds: Anything that was used in or supporting operations of war from 1.9.1939 to 8.5.1945 below the Alps and above the equator, from the Gibraltar to Iraq, sea, air or land, all scales and materials."

Edit 2: "The usual 25% rule is in effect, EXCEPT regarding builds started but unfinished/stalled in the original MTO GB." They are eligible to be finished here.


Regards, V-P

1) vppelt68 (host)

2) modelling minion

3) Beard

4) NotDaMama

5) bubbasparksuk

6) Col.

7) JackG

😎 PhantomBigStu

9) old thumper

10) franky boy

11) Knight_Flyer

12) PlaStix

13) Ozzy

14) rob85



17) JimmyZ

18) Ettore

19) Sean_M

20) theplasticsurgeon

21) Hockeyboy76

22) 825

23) Dave_R

24) Avereda

25) Crossiant Oliver

26) Sabre_days

27) SimonT

28) Angus Tura

29) Romeo Alpha Yankee

30) Arniec - well done!

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Yip. Go on then. The first one was fun and there's plenty other options in my stash along with a good dose of enthusiasm for getting at least one of them on the bench.

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It seems this and all the other "lets have it again" proposal get a lot of support. I have even a better idea - why not just repeat every GB there was this year over the next 5 years at least!


No need for voting for the next five years and we all can plan our builds well in advance :lol: Maybe we can vary the time slots over the years - sound all a bit like pay TV :(


Cheers, Peter

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Please add my name to the list, an abject failure for my own build but loved watching all the others, especially the number of Italian entries. Amazing that an Italian GB failed to get enough votes yet this GB nearly turned into one !


cheers Pat

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Just realised I've got a great subject for this.  An Academy B-24D Liberator, and decals for 2 of the 7 dwarves.  Desert scheme.

Edited 02 Dec 2017 with picture.


Edited by theplasticsurgeon
Photobucket correction
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I thoroughly enjoyed making my three kits for the 2016 GB and there is a lot still sitting to built. So count me in. 

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