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AdrianMF's 2016 - old and new(ish) - plus a sneaky Christmas build


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Hello All,


All kits except for the nice new ones are shockingly old kits, or sometimes shocking old kits...


All painting is brush with Humbrol/Revell acrylics except where stated.


A Grace Models solid wood aeroplane, started by my dear late Dad somewhere in the early 1940's, finished by me in January:




Then, as if for contrast, the new Airfix Spitfire FMk22, brush painted in Revell Aqua Silver:


Nice kit once you have scraped down under the back of the wing root so it actually fits.


Next up, a Frog Blenheim 1 from the shelf of shame (actually the shelf of mild embarrassment because it's less than a year), lightly converted to a Finnish version with skis:



Nice kit and fun build, from a Revell re-pop.


Then this whole helicopter thing started. I should get therapy. Airfix Old Sea King from an old mould when it fitted together well, as "Old 66":



Starfighter decals but my own stencilled "66"s. Watch out for that photo later...


I bought an Airfix F-5A Freedom Fighter from a man at the Cosford/Shropsire model show simply because I remember it was such a terrible kit:



It still fought me all the way but I was ready for it this time! Silver from AK Interactive True Metal paste - weird stuff but good.


Academy Mustang III - fell together, lovely kit, made a plunge mould canopy for the sliding bit:



Frog Wessex, updated and detailed but a fabulous basic kit even after 50 years:


Aftermarket decals were harmed during the making of this kit.


RCR short run Breda 65:




Good old Airfix PE-2, with quite a lot of scribing and upgrading:



The ancient Revell Fw190, seemingly made out of sugar crystals, the plastic was that brittle:



And for the Vignette GB I converted my photo of Apollo 11 into a scratch built model:





An Airfix P-47, lightly detailed but mainly OOB:



So I'm still hoping to get my Matchbox Privateer over the line, and also a little Christmas stressbuster project...


Have a great break!


Well, I had a sneaky 1/48 Inpact (Lindbergh/Round2 rebox) Bleriot on the go over Christmas as well as the Privateer. The Bleriot finished first, despite the mad amounts of rigging (mainly stretched sprue), a pilot figure and my first go at home-made wire wheels:






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Hi Adrian. What a fantastic collection for the year! I'm always so impressed by your brushed painted finish and especially as a few of them are NMF - beautifully done! :worthy: Top one, if I had to choose, would be your Vignette GB project.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your builds next year.

Kind regards,


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Spectacular stuff Adrian, hadn't realised you sculpted all the bits for the capsule vignette. It's very effective.


Cracking silver finish on that Spitfire too - you're very good with the brush.





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