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AW161 Peregrine AEW

Abandoned Project

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It was a very sad day at AugustaWiffliand when the prototype AW191 destroyed itself in a blur of blades but the engineers decided to use some of the wreckage for the prototype AW161 Peregrine AEW.

The only problem was that very little survived the accident, but with the Navy chasing them for an update on the conversion programme any changes needed to use as many standard parts as possible. 

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Quite some time ago I had a happy accident when I found in my spare parts all I needed to do this

merlin-asac-02.jpg - 

so I then did this

WP_000947.jpg -

and was told to remove the Tea radar like this

WP_000969.jpg -

I then decided on this

WP_000971.jpg -

Here at AugustaWiffland we will be attempting to build the AW161 Peregrine, AW191 Kite and two AW101 NAWSARH's at the same time, albeit slowly.



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managed to get a small amount of sub-assembly work done so far including stretching the tail rotor blades,making a start on the hinge for the Searchwater radar and assembling some of the interior. I'm not sure if I'm going to use the taller tail for the Peregrine or keep it for my 9 blade Kite but have decided to carry on building it and see what it looks like as things take shape. So here are some pics.

WP_001056.jpg -WP_001058.jpg -WP_001057.jpg -


WP_001062.jpg -WP_001065.jpg -

The backstory to my design is this...

Having taken possession of the former RAF merlins the Navy were given orders by Whitehall to have AugustaWiffland do a "full scale feasibility study" of the use of the HC.3 airframe for the "Crowsnest" AEW role, so it was decided to use an ex-RDAF airframe, with AugustaWiffland sharing the cost by adding some other modifications with the view of using the finished aircraft as a demonstrator for future sales.....

As you can see I am making sure that the tea detection capability is being maintained!

As always any advice/info will be gratefully received.


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