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Su-33 Flanker D // 1:72 // Zvezda

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This is my first Russian aircraft ever built, I am making it just for order, not for me.

The model must be good looking (or just impressive), not so dirty, in flight pose, fully armed.

Ok, so I am doing it.


Zvezda made very nice, good detailed kit, but the problem is the surface of the hull, especially vertical planes - you can find there very rough surfaces in many places. Especially on the sides of engine nacelles.

There are also a little bit to wide panel lines, very shallow, so I believe it could be a problem during wash time. We will see.


I have started the cockpit, as usually.

The cockpit is very simplified, so few things should be made from sratch.

Instrumental panel is just a plane piece of plastic, there is only decals with all displays and instruments.

The quality of decals is very nice.




I have added some details onto antiglare shield, and later I am going to make air-conditioning device inside the canopy.




Air intakes.

The technically those parts are made very well, generally the fit of all parts is just perfect.

I prepared something I can find on the bottom of those intakes, kind of lattice - using jut piece of polistyren and masks.

It is much easier then paint it inside the inlets.






Inlets are painted and ready to assemble...




...and assembled.




The cockpit is ready and in place.




The same is with inlets.




Finally the hull is glued and ready for next steps.

The fit is, once again, just perfect. I am really surprised of this good engineering of Zvezda.













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I stopped by for a while to paint exhaust nozzles.

Usually the most challenging part in models of Su-33 are engine covers and exhaust.

Really difficult but almost always not really succesfully reproduced on models.

I hope I will make it better.


I have started with light metalic colour.




Then I have added some oil paint.




And some Alclad laquers.




And the same with second half of those parts.






Result is not so bad I believe.







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Thank you guys.


For the first time I am going to use black basing technique.

I hope it is worth of such lot of work.

So, I used Gunze black primer on the whole body of model.

Also painted all missiles I am going to use.




Then I used first (gray) colour: mixed Gunze C307 and C308 (1:1) on the bottom surfaces and grey parts of camouflage on the upper surfaces.

Really lot of work...





Here you can see the comparison: how big is this Su-33...




And then second and third colours: (Gunze H025 and H045 1:1, and the dark blue marble is Gunze GX-5).










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Here are the next steps.


First colour applied. Miexed Gunze H307+H308 (3:2).

I have also made all weapons.





Second colour: Gunze H025+H045 (1:1).




The missiles with decals applied.




Final masking and the last colour (Tamiya XF8).





And... flight pose.










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Wow, quick work, super results, black basing looks like it works a treat, i have only just discovered using base coat..


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After a long break I have just finished engine cowlings.

It was not so easy to make it like this, but I hope you like it.

Engine exhausts are just dry fitted.









I also try to prepare the stand:








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Wow that burnt metallic blue on exhaust nozzles, looks like you could lick your finger touch it and it would go tssssssss. Lovely work! A beaut so far

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Blue colour on nozzle petals is Alclad's Hot Metal Blue (and also the Violet), painted onto the bright metal background with a little W&N french ultramarine oil paint dabs.

On engine cowlings there are mostly Mr. Paint colours, including Burnt Metal Blue and Violet.



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