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Polish Mig-29 query


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Hello all,


I'm in need of some information on current Polish Mig-29's. I know they went through some sort of Nato-spec upgrade but i've noted that some have a large antenna behind the cockpit, along with, what I assume, is an IFF system in front of the windshield. However, some aircraft appear to have the antenna and not the IFF. 




With the IFF:



(Net photos)


Can anyone tell me if all the jets now have both the large antenna and the IFF or are only a number of jets fitted with both? Also, are there any further modifications needed?





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After modernization all Polish MiG-29 have got IFF (or mostly all, i'm not sure about 67'). The full modernization set for Polish MiG-29 made Arma Hobby (for 1/48 scale). Of course the RSBN antenna (PE 2 part) is only in MiG-29 from 22BLT (ex German MiG-29). HTH

http://www.armahobby.com/1-48-mig-29-polish-af-upgrade-set.html <- here is full description about extras for Polish MiG-29 after modernization. 



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Resurrecting this thread somewhat, but can anyone tell me what the correct shades of grey are for the Polish Mig-29s? I've picked up a set of Model Maker decals, but as before, they've no colour call outs.


The darker grey looks to me to be Gunship grey, but i'm unsure on the other shades.



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2 minutes ago, Hook said:

Modern Polish NATO-scheme Fulcrums are in FS36118 / FS36270 / FS36375.






Great, thanks Andre. Is the 36375 the undersides with 36270 and 36118 on the upper surfaces?

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14 hours ago, DaveJL said:


Great thank you Andre.


Do you happen to know the colours of the Hungarian Mig-29s - the two tone Nato style?



Well, as it just so happens...  ;)


These are: upper fuselage RAL 7000 (approx. FS35237) over lower fuselage RAL 7040 (approx. FS36375).


Nice walkaround here.





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