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617 sqn Grand Slam Decals

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Hi all,


I've recently got my hands on a grand slam  Lanc but the dambuster decals are beyond use. I've asked Airfix to see if they have any spares but due to the age of the kit they don't. Does anyone know where I can get a set?


cheers, Michael 

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Don't know of any off-the-shelf markings for Grand Slam Lancasters.  However with a set of these code letters:



and these serial numbers:



you should be able to make up any Grand Slam Lancaster except the one example which had reversed codes ie yellow outlined red.   If you don't have a set of the standard roundels and fin flashes, the Xtradecal sheet Arniec has mentioned will provide them - and probably several other sheets as well.  Or there might be nice people on this site willing to let you have one of their spares.


You may also need this set to provide the code letters above and below the tailplanes.



There is a reference thread on this site with lots of info and photo on Grand Slam Lancasters but it's currently unavailable as the indexes are being rebuilt.  Try a search in a few days' time.


[Edit: back now:



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Hi Michael


Try Aussie Decals set number A48044 (I think there is also a A72044 as well). I don't think it's still being produced, and you'll find it hard to track down their suppliers too. 

I bought one about 4yrs ago for Tamiya's Lanc, so I know they were recently available, and I reckon I saw one at this year's Model Expo in Melbourne : which means Red Roo Models (in Melbourne) and Aeroworks (Adelaide) are your best bet.



Gary, Richard, Ed at Red Roo Models,    www.redroomodels.com, redroo@redroomodels.com - but they are closed until 10th Jan due to illness

Craig at Aeroworks,    aeroworks@iprimus.com.au - the have a shop, (08) 8357 4756, and are on Facebook, but no website



Good luck, let me know if you need more info


Cheers, Matt

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11 hours ago, Arniec said:

This is a set for 617 squadron https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72093

But there is no grand slam version on it. only a Tall boy one. Maybee you could use it?!


I am no expert on the subject, but I hope it helps.



Thanks :) I've got that one I'm going to start my 617sqn project in the new year once I get a Canberra.

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