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MFH Gulf Porsche 917K 1/24th vs Fujimi Martini Porsche 917K

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So a few more little details and scratch building this afternoon.


MFH front radiator polished and detailed






And in the process of scratch building another for the Fujimi






And my Molotow empty markers came in the post so I filled one up with Tamiya Nato black acrylic to test. Only takes a few ml of paint to fill.




Just works brilliantly. I think I've discovered the best touch up paint method yet. 


really nice even coat on this quick test piece. Not quite spray quality, but perfect for quick detailing.




So I have Nato black and German grey as touch up and detailing markers and I've ordered some Mr Metal ( aluminum, steel and brass )  to fill the others.


Then some scratch building of  3 tiny fuel filters for the Fujimi to match the MFH ones. ( obligatory pin head for scale. )





Just need painting and detailing.


Also the Fujimi scratched rear frame is now permanently attached to the cockpit and firewall. Next job is to fix into the chassis.




Harness still needs fitting plus the gear lever and false passenger seat. 


And that's it for this afternoon. I'll probably do a little more tonight too.


Thanks for looking in.


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So second post of the day.


Attached the Fujimi distributors to their rear frame.




Which kind spurred me on to finally get the engine in the back of the Fujim and the cockpit in the front.


So here we have it.




All went in easily with a bit of jigging about here and there but I left a few mucky finger marks I'll now have to remove. No biggie though.


This won't exactly be a clean build once it's finished anyway as I intend to Le Mans weather both models but fingerprints are a no.






Which gives us a chance to see both models and their progress side by side for the first time. ( the MFH is a little out of focus here so sorry about that )




Coming along nicely.


The Fujimi rear top frame is off again for now, that needs the work on the rear section completing before it goes on proper.


Which bring me to the next logical step on the Fujimi and that's the rear driveshafts, suspension and brakes.


Same brakes I used on my 956 build  ( they are actually Renaissance 917 brakes  ) so no problem assembling these.




Bit of prep and cleanup and they're ready for priming and painting.





And that's it for today, my eyes are sore from some of the tiny detailing this afternoon.


Coming along nicely though. Good days progress all in all.


Thanks for looking in.



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Great workmanship as always Looking forward to the next installment! 



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1 hour ago, Hamden said:



Great workmanship as always Looking forward to the next installment! 




Thanks Roger, much appreciated.

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21 hours ago, Borez said:

Coming along nicely though. Good days progress all in all.

It certainly is, on both counts.

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Brake discs on the Fujimi today.


They were primed yesterday.




Then sprayed alclad dark aluminium and weathered with a black oil wash.








Then the discs assembled on my bottle top jig




Like little flying saucers




And a test fitting with the calipers




Also made a start on scratching the tiny wooden resistors ( 0.3mm wire over plasticard ) I'll trim them and paint.




Some bodywork priming




Now I'm guessing anyone with a keen eye will have realised that this is not an 917K at all, it's a Porsche 956.


Basically it's a shell left from my 956 builds surrogate kit that I'm painting half Porsche Martini white and half gulf blue, I'll then 2k it so I can test out some weathering techniques for the two 917's.


Just makes sense to try out the weathering on a test subject first.


And that's it for this afternoon really.


Thanks for looking in.



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There is nowt wrong with using a test piece for practice Borez.

I purchased a few small kits just for that purpose.


The calipers and discs are looking great.



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More small Fujimi detailing today.


Complete rear brake assembly.






Some driveshaft detailing







Made a start on the rear shocks. The Molotow markers are now full of Mr Metal paint and are working brilliantly. 




The scratched front radiator is complete.






Cross bar connection plates for the fuel filters.




And the Martini/Gulf 956 hybrid weathering test bodywork has been sprayed ( from this day forward to be known as the MGH. Catchy name eh?  ) 


Bit of overspray on the front but it's a test piece that was quickly masked so it doesn't matter.




And 2K'd




So glad I did this as a test piece though as I really don't like the 2K satin finish, it's just not working for me ( it makes it look like a toy compare to my glossed GT40 ) So I'm going gloss 2K all the way on these two builds.


I'll gloss the MGH tomorrow too.


Not sure if you can actually gloss 2K over satin 2K but I'll find out tomorrow. As I said though it's a test piece so it doesn't matter.


Dodged a bullet there. Would have hated to have found out I didn't like the satin on the final builds.


And that's it for today.


Thanks for looking in. ;)



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OK, just a very small update as I've been working, but rear axle and suspension are fitted to the Fujimi.






Annoyingly I found out in a test fit that the wheels do not fit over the top of the brakes with the calipers on so they've had to come off which kind of makes the brake upgrades a little pointless to be honest. Taking the calipers off has also left some glue residue on the disks and warped the left hand disk a little too.


I'll start building up the rest of the rear next week then probably move to the MFH rear for a bit.


Anyway I'm working the rest of the weekend on a tight schedule; I was in Athens, Greece yesterday, I'm in Portugal tomorrow, fly back at stupid-o-clock Sunday morning then immediately to Bristol for the day then home at stupid-o-clock Monday morning, so I'll get back to this Tues probably.


But, as always, thanks for looking in.



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Hmm, your pictures do not show up in the last 2 posts (except 1 in the last but one post)

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11 minutes ago, Pouln said:

Hmm, your pictures do not show up in the last 2 posts (except 1 in the last but one post)


It seems to be an issue with Photobucket at present. I'll check back later.

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Seems to be working well here in sunny Lincolnshire.

All the exquisite details look beautiful, Borez.

Shame about the brakes.

I'm sure you'll get it sorted though.

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7 hours ago, injidup said:

It must be expensive.

Looking forward to the new one - movie and soundtrack. I enjoyed the Arrival soundtrack. 


No Vangelis though ;(

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Sorry about the lack of updates, one I've been busy and two it's been too hot and humid up in my loft studio to do anything and the pipe has split on my aircon so it's literally cooling the central space and heating the eves which is not something I want to happen.


There's a new aircon duct pipe on it's way to me so I should be back up and running soon.


I did mange to get a look at some weathering on the MGH over the last couple of days and this afternoon though. Great that this thing is clear-coated, you just wash it off and start again.


Note: Was it OK to spray gloss 2K clearcoat over satin? Well not really, some of it has pitted, but this is a test piece so it's not really a problem. It was also very humid when I sprayed which probably didn't help. 


Anyway, after a bit of extreme experimentation ( I tried charcoal, pastel dust, a spray-on Flory wash, Ms Borez's eyeliner and even some real oil ) the best results I seem to be getting are with the Tamiya Oil stain from one of their weathering kits.


The weathering here is probably over the top, it's just for experimentation purposes.




Building up the filth.




Front end







So yes, it works pretty well. I think it'll look great with all the decals and details as opposed to this bare shell.


It also depends on the level of filth I want on the finished cars.


Time to wash it off and have another go ;)


Thanks for looking in.



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Good man Mr borez, using the Mrs make up stuffs for modelling use. Funnily enough I do the same and I've found those little tipped spongy type things they use for eye shadow works great for weathering stains. And they also have these great big brush things that are great for getting dust off, just make sure they haven't been used first and are non static. 



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Attention to detail is fantastic borez as usual, i haven't stopped by for a while but they're looking very nice indeed


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Just caught this amazing build; surely Borez, you are in a league of your own, turning models into masterpieces.  I will never be able to build a car model again! ;)

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  • 1 month later...

Damn you photobucket. This thread and my other build threads are pretty much gone now!! :angry:



Sorry bout the lack of updates though, I'm just mad busy at present.

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