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SAS Jeep (Tamiya 1:35)


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Hi All,


I have this in my stash (well, small pile of kits) and was going to build this before I started my Chinook (now complete). I've decided now would be a good time before I commence any GB's next year.


I've seen a few fantastic builds in the RFI's (no pressure!!) but not in WIP (though could be wrong)










I'm trying Flickr for the first time (instead of PhotoBucket) and it's a bit of a phaff to post pictures!! Any tips on making things easier?



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13 hours ago, Dr_Fester said:

Good start there and having started exactly the same kit yesterday I'm at about the same position.


What are the extra details you have?  I'm looking to get a much better pair of Vickers guns than the kit offering, any ideas?






Hi Doc, I only have the additional resin parts that you see in the opening post. This is a 'fun' build for me so I'm not going to be looking at too much 'detail' :whistle: 


13 hours ago, Bangor Lad said:

Although this kit is pretty much in the 'vintage' category, it certainly rewards a little investment of care and few extra details. I will be following with interest.




Hi Bangor, Thanks for tagging along. This is planned as a quick build but I hope she comes out OK nonetheless. :)


8 hours ago, Long haired david said:

Back in the 1960s my friend Roger scratchbuilt an SAS jeep and the two crew I can't even remember what chassis it was. Anyway, excuse the scratchy image as the photo is so old. All credit to Roger Whittle.




All credit indeed. Thanks for the picture - Looks very lifelike! :) 

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So I'm about to apply some more paint and I'm thinking there's something not quite right about the cans. Then it hits me - the handles are missing!! I wondered what these were  :whistle: 




DOH!! :doh:


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7 hours ago, Hamden said:



Nice work like that a lot!




Hi Roger - thanks for the kind words :) I realised when adding it to the RFI that it's in the wrong WIP section (it's not so shiny as it's neighbours)!

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