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Academy 1/350 H.M.S Warspite

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hi guy's 

I have never done a build progress on a model befor, as this will be a long term project I thought I would give it ago :) 

This will be my second 1/350 scale ship I have built. As I usually build aircraft, so felt I needed to mix it up a little bit. maybe make some aircraft in between.  

I have started this kit so there is some pictures that are missing from the build, so I'll try get it as close to up to date as i can :D 



The box and the wooden decks made by Pontos. All I am awaiting now is the photo Etch from White Ensign plus brass barrels and resin and etched AA guns :)  Then I can really crack on with the build. :D




This is the earliest picture of the build I have, I had primed the Hull in ultimate Model's black primer plus the decks, then used Mr hobby Red Hull colour for the bottom half of the hull, Masked all up ready for the camouflage. 







Then was the black water line marker and some shading done in some area's for abit of early weathering.





Then I added some light shade for paint fade on the bottom half of the hull and abit of shading to the camouflage, then sealed and protected with a coat of varnish using Gauzy agent. 

This is as far as I have gotten with the build other than some priming here or there on some parts. As i'm still waiting for photo etch and various other aftermarket parts. I've come to a stand still :( 

I have enjoyed the build so far and the kit is turning out to be a lovely kit as far as i have got. I shall post up pictures in stages as I continue and progress with the build, hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading! :)






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Love it! I have a stalled Warsprite sitting around somewhere. Yours is looking amazing, especially the paint on the hull. Keep it up!

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I've never built a 1/350 warship kit party due to ad lack of space but I've always admired Warspite so I may just take the plunge. I'll certainly be following this build.


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hey all. thank you for all your kind words :) 

well i decided to go with the pontos detail set, as it included 141 brass parts, 3 sheets of photo etch, wooden deck, 50 resin parts, anchor chains, and various other details :D 




well I have made some more progress on the Warspite. Mainly working out and sorting the P.E and brass, for what's what and where's where as i go though the stages of the build! :) 





then i started doing parts in stages superstructure's cranes hanger's masts 









Then finally this is where I've gotten up to, it has taken longer than i had thought, with well life in the way over Christmas new years new job in the way ect ect, the wooden deck was surprising a breeze to fit and adds a real good bit of detail to the build, i would like to darken stain the wood down abit, as it looks abit too light for an operational battleship, so will be experimenting with off cuts too find a nice tone for it :) get everything else primed and painted, and its all mainly detailing work and weathering :D 






this is how she is looking so far, been a great build soo far really enjoying the challenge! the kit is lovely and the pontos extras really add high levels of detail! :) 


hope you all enjoy. 

thank you 




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All the added details are looking very sharp indeed great PE work



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Thank you for your kind words!! Its getting there but plenty too do yet! But really enjoying the build! :) 

haha yess yess, i did forgot to mention i acquired the pontos detail set from you guys at sovereignhobbies, thank you for the great service and fast delivery! highly recommended!! :) 

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It's looking really good, great P.E. work, very neat and tidy



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hey guys.

I have managed to get sometime this weekend to work on the warspite! :)
just some painting and detailing managed to get all the life craft together and ready for a spray! next on the list will be abit of weathering on the hull,
wearing down the anti foul and more detailing, then onto the AA weapons :)





just a quick test fit to see what she's looking like so far! :)




thanks for looking! shall continue at a later date! :) hope you enjoyed! 

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Oh how I envy you. The detail on your ship is truly amazing

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This is the stockists of the BECC Fabric Flags for a White Ensign Flag , they also do in 1/350 scale , Admiral , Vice and Rear Admiral Flags if you need one ??

If you like I can take a photo of my Fabric Flag on my HMS Prince of Wales to show you the difference to a Decal Flag ( but its like night and day )


I don't know if you ever read much on the Warspite , but a great read is by the book HMS WARSPITE by Stephen Roskill by Futura Books ( paperback )


and not very dear to buy , either , he was a Gunnery Officer on the ship , so was much attached to the ship

I have the book at home , lovely read and not dry at all


anyway lovely build , the extra aftermarket items are totally worth the effort and expense - wish I knew about them when I build my Tamiya POW in early 1990's

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That looks very special. I have trouble with etched brass in 1/48 - you've nailed it in 1/350!

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Stunning build, the pe work is fantastic.

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okay - I finally got the Fabric Flags in my hand - just now ! :mail:


and they are far, far better than Decals - This is the A size that will match for your White Ensign on the decal sheet for HMS Warspite

as I compared it to my Flag flying on my Model of HMS Prince of Wales


I scanned it at 200dpi , and frankly when you look at them with the Naked Eye , the difference between the Kit Flag and the Fabric Flag

is simply incredible - If anyone wants my advice -

a Type A Flag for a Battleship or Carrier at 1/350 Scale

Type AA ( length - 15mm ) for a Cruiser or Large Warship ( or Battleship at 1/450 Scale , probably )

and Type AAA ( length 10mm ) for a Destroyer , Submarine or Small Warship at 1/350 Scale ( or battleship at 1/700 / 1/600 scale )

I have compared the Kit Decal for the AAA to that on the Trumpeter Decal for my Kit of HMS Eskimo ( 1/350 ) and its an exact match

I would advise anyone , that these Flags are well worth the effort of locating for your Model

my scan doesn't do them justice




Edited by 73north

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hey guys!! :)


Update on the Warspite, I have done quite a bit with her since the last update and she's coming along and getting close to completion! :) I have also used some new techniques and something different! :) 

just want to say thank you everyone for your kind comments and thank you 73north for recommending the flags also! I shall be purchasing a set to finish of the ship towards the end of the build! (if im aloud) :wait: :D hope they look good on your build! :) 


Well I've put it off for too long, that is the 30, 20mm Oerlikons, which consist of 5 brass parts each! but they look really really good just very very time consuming and dare to say a little tedious! I dread to think what a 100 AA gunned battleship would be like! :D 






Then it was on to the Pom Poms! :) 





I have also given the lifeboats some paint and got four of them glued in place to the mid structure and hanger! 

Then it was weathering to the hull including some new techniques and finishes! I used the hair spray technique for scratches and chipping and a different shade for a rusty beat up hull, then oil washes to bleach and fade it all in

and salt streak effects. I have seen on another warspite and ships defining plating on the hull so i thought i would give it ago! I think it adds an interesting effect :).


Looks heavy on this picture but the oils and a fading coat blends it in later on! :) 




I did some detailing and weathering to the superstructures also a start on some rigging! :) 





This is where she has gotten too so far!! :) got some painting on the pom pom's to do, still some deck details to do, anchor chains railings props and touch ups to do and she is very much getting there!

hope you all enjoy the progress and i shall post up the next lot as i go along! :)

Thank you





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Really am enjoying the progress. She's looking good, especially the weathering. It really stands out.

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Looking good, like the weathering............


Hate to say but I think there should be a length of plastic rod between 20mm magazine ends




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