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Warhammer 40K - Ultramarines

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Picked these 2 figures up a while ago and forgot they were in the drawer of things to do. They are both the Citadel resin finecast models which replaced the pewter style ones GW used to make. If I am honest those resin models were a terrible experience, the amount of flash and warping was insane. Sgt Telion had microbubbles all over the place that needed filling. Librarian Tigurius staff was has bent as a rainbow and still looks decidedly kinked even after trying the resin in hot water trick to try and unbend it. For around a tenner each I would have expected much better quality. None the less I persevered and got them painted.


First up is Chief Librarian Tigurius - he is a HQ model that can be used as the leader of your army.


31592528726_e22d5a23cc_z.jpgTigurius 1 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr



31513837501_ace8be6f41_z.jpgTigurius 4 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr



30819412793_acc0618780_z.jpgTigurius 2 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr


Next is Sgt Telion - he is basically a pimped out scout and can only be assigned to a scout group or used solo


30788165954_16d1148d25_z.jpgTelion 1 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr



30788165614_a6ce457bfd_z.jpgTelion 2 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr



31592529376_efe023a3af_z.jpgTelion 3 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr



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