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Douglas C-54/R5D Skymaster & DC-4 - Warpaint Series No.109


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Douglas C-54/R5D Skymaster & DC-4
Warpaint Series No.109
Guideline Publications


The Douglas C-54/DC-4 was a four engined transport aircraft and airliner developed by Douglas in the 1940s. A robust simple aircraft it proved to be popular with many airlines and military organisations. Over 1200 aircraft were built, including the Canadair North Star. The book is the latest in the Warpaint series, and is supplied in a soft card binding with 92 pages in between, all of which is printed on glossy stock with colour on almost every page. In between the informative text regarding the development and use of the aircraft are a host of interesting photos of it in its various guises, a great many of which are in colour due to the increasing use of colour film during its service. Most of the book does concentrate on the military C-54 with a section on the DC-4 including the Canadair built aircraft.






There are many profiles throughout the book but these are all of military aircraft. 



The Warpaint series have always been a good read, and this one is no exception. It has a great many pictures that are good quality, as well as a set of plans in 1.72 that will be very helpful if you are planning on building a model. Highly recommended. 




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