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1/72 Prop&Jet Yak-25RV VacForm


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While searching for something I came across a box with half buil Yak-25RV Prop&Jet vacform. I started it many years ago, surely before AModel kit was released, but the fire has gone and I totally forgot that I once had it started. 


Prop&Jet kits are Tamigawa of vacforms, unfortunately I don't have not made photos of my kit but I found a review on the net in Russian:




I also found a dozen of pics I made previously:



It took me a couple of days to build wingtip pogo nacelles, stabilizers, merge engines with wings and wings with the fuselage



Group portrait of all three of my KUTA entries - all three are NMF and non-injected (resin kit and two vacforms) - need to refresh my supply of Alclad Aluminium




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Strugglig with NMF. Can't defeat all these tiny scratches


"White metal" is a marvelous substance. Shame it is not in wide use these days


Decided to use ersatz-lathe to make nose probe from a nail


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