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P-51 Mustang STGB IV Chat


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Hi guys, in preparation for saturdays start i’m going through the instructions to plan construction and painting.


Mustang nerds:

I can see that eduard’s chatanooga choo choo kit (p51-d5) labels part h-40 (the framing behind the seat) black,

(also on the royal class p51-d set its labelled black),

but on the dorsal-filletless eduard p51-d5 instructions its labelled interior green?

So Later ones getting black early ones getting green?

is this a mistake on eduards part or does it vary? 


thx in advance if you can shed light on this.



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No, we need a signature banner!


OK, One day before the starting gun, and here's the lineup:


34 threads started (will be 35 if I make up my mind), including at least one multiple build thread. 28 individuals (some "multiple builders" with separate threads).


In 1/32, we have four, all Revell P-51Ds, but one of them is ol' Grandpa, the late '60s/early '70s kit!


We also have one wildcard in the running, a 1/100 P-51D!


As usual, though, the real rivalry will be between 1/48 and 1/72.  At present 16 to 13 in favor of 72nd, however one thread is a stack of four Eduard 48th, so it is neck and neck...

    Within 1/48 we have five Mk.III / P-51B/C to eight Mustang IV/IVA / P-51D/K (not counting multiplying Eduards!)

          [This just in: I've thrown my lot in with a Mustang Mk.I conversion.]

    1/72 is a bit more interesting: four Mk.III to 11 Mk.IV, but also a P-51A and a Piper Enforcer!


In 48th, at least seven different "toolers" are represented, with Airfix and Eduard Ds (or Ks) leading the pack - assuming that our Eduard hoarder does the right thing and builds them all (tm)

Again about seven toolers in 72, and this time Airfix has a strong lead with their D/K.


Over to you, Brian!

"Well, it is very exciting to see Airfix very much a contender, not to mention a crowd favourite.  They do have the home-field advantage, but it is very early in the game, so a lot could happen.  One thing for sure- it looks like it is going to be an exciting race!"


Update: the starter's gun has gone off, and currently 19 to 16 72nd vs 48th, with approximately twice as many D/Ks as B/Cs in both scales.

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adding my own alleged project
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So just bought the Modelvisit 1/48 P-51H and Meng's...cough glue free 😉 1/48 P-51D after finding one of the latter stupidly cheap on Ebay.

Coincidence that theres a STGB running i think not..


Will start build threads next week once they arrive

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Boy, makes me wanna dig out a AM F-6B.............but..........here is the thing.  I have all the AM Mustang kits in boxes, not repops, originals.  Is it silly I don't want to build them because I have a complete set?


Edit:  Granted they appear to be all over Ebay.

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41 minutes ago, BlueNosers352nd said:

Is it silly I don't want to build them because I have a complete set?

Since you ask I’ll give you my answer: yes. :D 

They are meant to be built, not collect years and dust (well, at least not in unbuilt configuration)!

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Looks like there was a need for this Mustang STGB, regardless of this being the fourth one. There are so many build threads I just gave up trying to browse through them... otherwise I wouldn´t find time for my own build at all :shrug:. So just to save precious time, here´s a collective "WELL DONE" to everyone participating :thumbsup:. V-P

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Well, we're off to a very active start, so perhaps it is time to update the statistics:


We're up to 42 participants, with "about" 54 builds (hard to be sure, with some of the potential multiples)

32nd is now up to 5 Revell Ds (including one past generation kit) - I'm hearing these whispers about a Hobbycraft Allison Mustang, but trying to ignore it!

There's the 1/100 D - still room for a 1/144th!


72nd: 7 B/Cs, 14 Ds, plus a Mk.I or IA, a Mk.II (P-51A), an Enforcer, and a Twin Mustang (four or five different kits for both the Bs and the Ds)


48th: 5 B/Cs, 16 D/Ks (those new D kits are showing their impact!), and two Mk.Is (SEVEN different D kits, and 3 for Bs)


Overall, 11 Airfix (not counting the Otaki rebox) to 10 Tamiya!  (This also doesn't account for "Build 'em all-ers"- Eduard has the potential for a surge...)

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5 hours ago, gingerbob said:

Eduard has the potential for a surge

Yup, I may have an Eduard one winging it's way to me as we speak. I'd been doing so very on not buying it but finally caved on Sunday.


I'm planning to do the marking for Louisiana Heatwave, as I've not done a NMF aircraft since I was a teenage with a paint brush and wanted to one before I tackle the B-26 from ICM that Santa should be bringing for me :)
[I also really like hot sauce, so seem like a good choice in scheme] 

So, my question! 

The marking supplied with the Eduard kit show it with 3 kills and invasion stripes. Ideally I'm wanting to stay clear from doing any invasion stripes so is it within the realms of reason that I could do the kit without the kill marks and invasion stripes? 

Looking at americanairmuseum.com I can see some info on Capt. Claude J. Crenshaw  but not when he switched over from the P-51B to the D so not sure how the time frame works out. Any thoughts? 

I'm just not sure when the 8th would have started using the D version, and it this was after the application of the stripes. 


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21 minutes ago, mungo1974 said:

Right, managed to miss the postie yesterday so hit up the local parcel depot on the way in to work this morning...guess i have no excuses now.

Now do I start with the easy straight forward Meng P-51D..or shall i dive in on the P-51H..


My vote is the D, but that is only because I've never really liked the profile of the H.......that back lower portion being straighter just is "yuck" to me.  But I also have issues..........so they say. 🤣😜

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