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The Raider is a bit like the Bird of Prey in that they used the same model but for two different ships, one is corvette sized and the other a heavy fighter. The one from Voyager is the bigger ship, it's supposed to be about 68 metres long while the variant we see in TNG and DS9 is about Runabout size, roughly half that.

I'd say given the ship model was originally built for TNG then it is supposed to be originally 30-odd metres so 1/144 is probably pretty close. :)


Bit more detailed information here


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Hi Harry heres a link to a list of kits and their scale, releases as Misrule says you take them with a huge pinch of salt.




also a reference link which quotes the length at 60m which appears on other sites as well, thus 1/180 is the model scale based on the length quoted.




All the best Chris

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