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Warhammer - Slaughterpriest servant of Khorne


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Haven't done any warhammer / gamesworkshop for about 20 odd years. However recently I decided I wanted to try myhand at painting miniatures again. This was the free model from the September edition of white dwarf. I also picked up a start collecting spacemarines box and a couple of vehicle which I will be knocking together over the next few months.


Here is my finished slaughterpriest. The base is suppose to represent a lava stream, chaos and lava seemed a good combo. I modeled that from scracth using a plain round 40mm gamesworkshop base. Model is pinned to the base using paperclip pins superglued into drilled holes. 


For my first outing back into warhammer I am overall happy with the result. Painting was done mostly with vallejo game colour paints and a few citadel ones where I couldn't get the colour I was looking for out of vallejo.


30912714460_4881e890e4_z.jpgSlaughter Priest 6 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr



30458811644_ba936518b5_z.jpgSlaughter Priest 5 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr



31165612191_1d09f22520_z.jpgSlaughter Priest 4 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr



30472638093_3cc7031872_z.jpgSlaughter Priest 3 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr



30912716920_01f748bd51_z.jpgSlaughter Priest 2 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr



31165612701_46a423cd5b_z.jpgSlaughter Priest 1 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr

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