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HI everybody


Here the SA 321 Super Frelon from HELLER 1/35 that have been ruined by the cat 15 years ago and that was sleeping in a wood box of St EMILION GRAND CRU during this time. I had a dream 3 weeks ago during the night and decided to bring it back to life as i had catched maybe all the broken pieces so .... it's done. I had some hard time to rebuilt it but at the end it seems better that it was, little paint options have been made and now it looks really great.

I must say that i am from LANVEOC POULMIC in Brittany (Fr) which is an Helicopter base with a military school for navy pilots the 22S ( Flottille=Squadron for navy) the 34F with Westland Lynx and actually the 32F with 4 NH 90 CAïMAN replacing the Super Frelon which is retire for 4 years i think.
I have been flying twice on this Super Frelon, first time i was 11 and this was my Baptême de L'Air, a suprême present from my neighbour who was working at the 32F.

So here are the pix, hope you will like it !!!


it's the first time i put a topic so i don't really know the procedure, i have hosted the pix on a site and put here the url hope it works !!! :rolleyes:
















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I very nice model! And it should be a beast in 1/35. No wonder why your cat felt this is something dangerous :)

But most of all I'm surprised it was retired just 4 years ago! I was sure it did not make into 21st century giving way to Puma/Cougar family.

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1 hour ago, Pete in Lincs said:

Tres bien.

(I think that's correct)


It is Pete !!!


4 minutes ago, JosephLalor said:

Excellent work


Thn'x Joseph, i should have made a pix of it before the work ! but i missed it !

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