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PB2B-2 Catalina VH-ASA, named Frigate Bird II is suspended from the ceiling of Sydney's excellent Powerhouse Museum. I believe there is a resin conversion set for a PB2B-2 Cat and decals available to model this historic aircraft.












Take a look here for the aircraft's story and a walkaround: http://warbirdswalkaround.wixsite.com/warbirds/single-post/2016/11/27/Frigate-Bird-II-A-Wandering-Cat


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Nice one Grant, I've not been to the Powerhouse though heard its pretty good, maybe need another trip to Sydney. :(  It must have been a real act getting that big old girl up there. :o


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Cheers Steve. The Powerhouse Museum is great; there are a few airframes there. I'm putting an article together in the magazine about the aircraft some time... when I get round to it... After I've unpacked...

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