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So I nipped into my local-ish shop for some paint and tape and this caught my eye. Now, Paul the owner is no fool, he dangled it a little & saw my interest, let me look inside the box and quite happily took the £19.99 off me!


31217371796_1bc09ab010_z.jpgUntitled by phil da greek, on Flickr


It's impressive cover hooked me, but inside is rather nice, you get a box within the box with half a dozen sprues of light grey, all nicelyformed not to much flash on the initial look, all seems pretty nice.


31253355105_6c2c57bae7_z.jpgUntitled by phil da greek, on Flickr


There are no decals in the box or in fact any information on the instruction sheet for markings, so I guess something from the spares box will be used, nor are there any figures which is a shame, I think armour (in particular) benefits from a crewman to show off it's size. So I'm off to peruse the web for some images and colour schemes, never having built Russian armour I guess I'm open to suggestion.

Has anyone built this or in fact any Zvezda kits? Any tips or tricks would be welcomed. I'll be building at my normal slow pace which isn't helped by being about to start a set of days!

Chip in if you like!

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If it would help  I've got the instruction booklet (and decal placements) for my meng bmpt terminator lying around if you want some pictures of them?


EDIT: Just took a look, the meng kit doesnt give any markings either on any of hte paint schemes they provide.

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A very strange vehicle for me ... I if I have built at least 1 kit of Zvezda, and the other two are possibly very old molds (and models T-34/76 1943 and T26), so I do not think Help you.
The ISU-152, perhaps the most modern, and although it comes very well packaged, is nothing exceptional, for 17.8 € / 15.8 pounds, you can not ask for much ...

The instructions were very limited (only one sheet on both sides and half an A4), decals for a single model (only a couple of numbers 7 ...), undoubtedly the worst, tracks, vinyl, but very rough.

Recently, I decided to update it with a metal cannon and some metal tracks.

What has surprised me most is that the metal cannon (RB models) is longer than the one brought by the Zvezda kit, so I doubt it is accurate, and it was undersized.

:popcorn:, cheers Phil

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From all accounts it's a nice kit, one issue with it is that they did mess up the suspension height. It's from what I remember a throw off of the T90 they released and I'm not sure if they fixed it in this version.


It's a very hard issue to sort out so probably best left as is, the suspension sits to high and is only really noticeable if you compare it to the Meng kit. 


Looking forward to seeing this this one take shape, as for crew have a look at "Tank " figures from Russia, they are some of the best modern crew figures on the market, Valkyrie also make some good Russian crew figures that would be right for the Terminator.








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The BMPT, Does not normally carry markings for this version. I think it would look good as, a Cypriot National Guard  What if.:thumbsup:


The CNG has lots of Russian equipment and could become a user ???

Decals are available in 1/35 for the CNG   ;)

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Here we go, box open and in. The outer box is a flimsy-ish thin & colourful cardboard end opener, inside is a much more substantial top opening box. 8 sprues in seperate clear bags and a seperate zip lock bag with the clear parts in.


I've spent about 3 hours on it up to date, it's moulded in a light grey plastic, feels a little flimsy, it certainly cuts very easily with a new blade and no problem to sand. Very little clean up is needed and the few injection marks so far appear to be on the inside. I use Humbrol liquid poly out of the bottle and applied with a brush and that seems to be working fine.


31335707096_ddf9d97061_z.jpgTerminator 3 by phil da greek, on Flickr


One piece upper hull, (the lower is a similar one piece job).


31257243061_9c2153b455_z.jpgTerminator 4 by phil da greek, on Flickr


How she stands after about 3 hours work.


The fit is good, a couple of fiddly bits for big fingers but good. The instructions are nice, good big drawings that show clearly how to line pieces up and what goes where with each piece clearly numbered. Each part on the sprue is clearly numbered which is also nice, however, the sprues aren't numbered / lettered, so when you are looking for part F5, you don't know which sprue is F. So you spend a little time looking over the sprues to find shapes that resemble the drawing to narrow down the part your looking for. Some indication of a required colour is given by a letter and when you turn to the back page, the letter corresponds to a Humbrol enamel! Winning for me, no looking at conversion pages or using the rather excellent paint colour chart found elsewhere on this site.


That is however my only complaint to date, I'm feeling that for £19.99 I'm on to a bit of a winner here.


And the carpet monster has claimed it's first prize. Right hand side exhaust pipe.

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Good information for a possible assembly of the model.What I do with the kits that do not have the sprues nominated / numbered, is before starting, simply put the number or letter that corresponds according to the plan :banghead: ...:popcorn:, cheers Phil

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Got a couple of hours in this morning. Still seems to be going well, some fiddly stuff getting the grenade launchers (I think) to line up on the side of the turret. It's just as well the drawings are clear, all instructions are in Russian, with just the odd word translated into English.


30603898393_baba594d0e_z.jpgTerminator 5 by phil da greek, on Flickr


31041819740_12b3703beb_z.jpgTerminator 6 by phil da greek, on Flickr


So far, touching wood, this is lovely to build, I would say it easily matches Tamiya for the way parts are designed and the fit of said parts.


Throw in any thoughts, I'm off out with SWMBO for a cinema trip to see "Sully" and then some dinner.


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It's been a busy old week but I have at last found some time for "me". As a side note, the movie "Sully" is just superb, I would highly recommend it.


SWMBO and some of her mates have cleared off for a long weekend in Germany to see the Christmas markets so me and the dog have been left unsupervised, well, the teenagers are trying to supervise via facetime and i messaging, but if you keep the camera pointed in the right direction no-one will ever know!


The build progresses, and it is still going well, the kit continues to fall together in the manner of something three times it's price.


31514005766_5c6b990689_c.jpgTerminator 8 by phil da greek, on Flickr


The upper hull and turret are 90% complete and primed with a little pre wash for shadow and some white for highlights later. The main green is Humbrol 030, straight from the tin and just thinned. The lower hull is solid green, but it will be very dusty (Humbrol 110 lightened a little), the upper hull is 030 with white and 093 with white and the odd patch of very dark grey.

The tracks are a little funny, each side consists of 6 sections and each section has to have the "teeth" glued on, hat is the bits that run between the road wheels:


31179907220_c8948a54b6_c.jpgTerminator 7 by phil da greek, on Flickr


The sticks in the background are holding the 12 road wheels which are painted and matt varnished in preparation for dusting up tomorrow.

That's it for an update, except to say that so far I would recommend you grab one of these for a nice build of something different.






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Update, a few photos, things have progressed.


31620610025_627be7f28f_c.jpgTerminator 10 by phil da greek, on Flickr


There are a total of five bits of track in this picture. Fiddly doesn't begin to describe it. A fair amount of fettling required, not to mention steady hands. Looks like I picked a bad day to quit drinking. (Name the movie).

Turn her over.


30779019314_af7c59e552_z.jpgTerminator 9 by phil da greek, on Flickr


31473835062_d0ce628e7a_z.jpgTerminator 11 by phil da greek, on Flickr


Okay, not too shabby, I wonder how she looks with her skirt on?


31510219401_a577d391ff_z.jpgTerminator 14 by phil da greek, on Flickr

31588936676_a3a966b5e8_z.jpgTerminator 15 by phil da greek, on Flickr


Looks good (I think), maybe throw a little colour at this bad boy?


31527930081_6e8382c30a_z.jpgTerminator 16 by phil da greek, on Flickr


A thin coat of Humbrol 094 with a few drops of matt white, a second coat with a little less white in I think for the final "sand". Still going well, It pays to read ahead before building, there have been a couple of steps where I would have been in trouble if I didn't know what was coming. The tracks were fiddly, but nothing worse than others, the outside of them have some nice details, they've been painted gunmetal with a black wash to pick out the detail.


I've said it before, for £20 this takes some beating.













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