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1/48 F4U-4 Corsairs Academy and Trumpeter

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Hello dears,

Here we go to justify my alias.

I'm found of bent wings birds and there is some of her on my shelves.

I was very glad about the arrival of the trumpeter's Corsair serie, so I started one of it as soon as I've bought it.

And picked up one of my Academy for a joint project.

The Trumpeter interior is quite fine, the Academy is well... forget it


I added the fabric seatbelts on the Trumpeter, the one and only fabric seatbelts I've used.

It is wonderfull but nerve raking, this thing has also his own life:unsure:

The Academy interior is replaced by an Aires one.


As one can see, Trumpeter is also a putty addict, as it is very oftenly the case, if you shut down all that has been designed to be opened, get some putty...


The trumpeter engine is pretty good, but the exhaust stacks are coming from a Ford Anglia, such a thin pipe will be a welding torch at best when a PW 2800 is blowing in..:(<_<

The Academy will receive an Aires P-2800


One of the biggest flaw of the trumpeter Corsair is her smile, I've tried putty and plasicard but did'nt like the result, So the kitchen table surgeon is back at the Helm.

I picked up my Hasegawa F4U-4, take a mould of the cowl and duplicated it and Taatzaaaam !


The propeller is also to be rectified but still easy.

Here's a view of the complete mess.


And To be continued...

Thank for watching.


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I spend sometime on my Corsair, be carefull, the flap have to be adjusted, unless you have a gap between the flap and the wing.

And the cowling is almost ready to be adjusted.


From the righr to the left there is patience, some heavy metal, a good beer and elbow grease.

Began to look good.

Thank you all.


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Hello dears,

Some news from the bent wing birds.

Here's a proof of what I was believing about the Trumpy F4U-4.

The belly is too flat on the nose of the beast. As the Trumpeter rendition of the smile of the F4U-4 was not right.

That fact has been noted in various model magazine, I decided to rectify this, see on the above pics.

So I cut the trumpy cowling to fit the corrected cowl and look at the result.


The lower part is too flat and did'nt fit the plans. When the right cowl is added, here's the result...


Otherwise, the fit is quite good, look...


So, lets add plasticard, putty and once again, elbow grease.

That's modelling, is'nt it ??<_<

Ok, 3 to 4 days without plastic because of my job.

See you later.



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Hello Dears,

Poor week for my models, hard on the job, bad weather and overtired.

I spent one evening in resin job.


2X P-2800 Early and one late for the Academy -4, interior parts for another Corsair project, some Mosquito and Typhoon parts.

See you later... aligator


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Hello Dears,

I've worked on my kits, decalling the next for RFI,


And working on the Trumpeter rectified engine cowling.

That begin to look good.


I did'nt hear about that flat area in the critics of this kit.

Exhaust stack yes, undercarriage door yes , the smile that was'nt right yes but not that.

I also spent some times on my P-47N and MiG 3.

will be continued soon.


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Hello Dears,

I should have called this thread Academy, Trumpeter and Co,

Let's have a laugh with an engine story :huh:


As there is blobfish, there also are blobpratt !!!:P

even in the '80, it is hard to call the light grey thing on the left side a Pratt & Whitney 2800

On the right, the Quickboost one, I really enjoy it, I sanded it and it go right on its place, a real pleasure.

I do have another resin engine, just in case:huh:.

And a proppeller story now ??


The recessed Hamilton standard insignia is not, by no means, a good idea:wtf:.

I'll fix it quickly.

Have a nice day, friends.



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Hello Dears,

As I said in my Tungsten Corsair thread.

Hoops I did it again, I bought a Corsair from Hobby Boss

And found another Tamiya Birdcage, but I did start an Otaki F4U-1

So this Thread is now modified since there no longer is 2 Corsairs but 4 in fact...


Shape and dimensions are good, let's carry on..

I erase the "details" from the Otaki fuselages

WP_20170323_19_56_15_Pro (1)

Have it smooth and then I had some resin from my stock.


Hobby Boss has issued a brand new sprue for the interior, seem righteous than the -4 in shape.

The Otaki will represent "Big Hog" flown by the late John Thomas Blackburn, since this Co has my whole respect.

The Hobby Boss is not determined yet, F4U-2 night fighter Corsair or Marines early Corsair ???

Whatever, I will make both the 2 of them:wonder:

Have a very nice day and take care of yourself.



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You certainly have your hands full in this thread! Good work on the modifications to the cowl. 

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Interesting work.


Regarding the Academy F4U-4,   it's heavily based on the Hasegawa F4U-4, but is too wide along the spine compared to the Hase kit, which is  a reasonably easy fix.


comparing the Academy -4 to a Tamiya -1 and the Academy -4 fuselage is too deep, making  the wings are nearly 2  mm too low,  and and lacks the 'egg' shape,  

It's not that obvious until you try taping the Tamiya -1 to the Academy -4,  or using a contour gauge and calipers on it...


I wondered if this was just another Academy glitch,  so I picked up the hase (ex mania) -4 and apart from the too wide spine, they are  basically the same, 

The Hobby Boss -4 fuselage is a very  good  match for the Tamiya -1 BTW


I did spend an amusing couple of evenings trying to reprofile the Academy fuselage,  removing width, then the wing depth, and scoring inside to allow bending to the egg  shape, I ended up  using the Tamiya rear cockpit bulkhead to make a new bulkhead/former to reshape the Academy fuselage.

What eventually stumped me was the belly contours, as the wing now doesn't follow  the contours of the  now shallower  fuselage :banghead:


One good thing about  the Academy kit is they did get the cowl intake shape pretty well.


Also, if you have a Tamiya P-47,  all boxings have 4 blade prop that you can use to replace the Academy one.


hope of interest.


PS re the cowl scoop





And the discussion about that scoop. Three manufacturers, three different scoops. Here's the three- HB left, Acad middle, Hase Right. Not a great pic but should highlight the difference. 

[linked image]


the  Academy just needs a little tweaking.


The funny thing is if you  search on Hyperscale there are plenty of "the Academy  sucks" and "the old Hase Mania -4 is basically  sound"  comments,  but it seems they have not compared the Hase to the Tamiya,  and  assuming the Tamiya is correct  then the hase is pretty flawed.  And  if the Tamiys is correct, the HB is basically sound shapewise.




Edited by Troy Smith
add details and links

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Hello Dear, hello Troy,

Here we go again with rules and caliper:huh:

Nice modelling evening today, I did some good things, here's my workplace


Kitchen table modeller,

Here are some comparisons BUT, today I speak only ( well almost) about F4U-4

There has been Love Story, here's the equally famous Nose Story:wink: (Don't you mind about my blue Chimay, and don(t step on it either !!)


From left, the Academy, the Hasegawa and the Hobby Boss

Head on the Academy is the best rendition of the real thing !

So one may ask, Why did you choose to copy the Hasegawa one ??

Because from a profile, the Hasegawa have a better chin than the Academy.

Opening the Hase a little bit is easier than modify the chin... That's why..

However, these 2 are VERY close, look


Hase over Academy and


Change the position...

No Dears, to me the worst issue with Hobby Boss is here


They flattened the pig nose of the F-100 and they strike again with the Corsair !!:swear:

I follow the thread, but did'nt want loose my work

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Here we go,

I checked all my references, there is no such a flat belly on my favourite bird


In dimension, it's about right for any of them


Academy and Hasegawa, I give a best to Academy since the kit is engraved, Hase is raised.


Hobby boss over Hasegawa


And over Academy.

I dislike the appearance of the Academy, they tried to represent the fabric, but not at the right place.

On the wing and rudder, sanding again.

Both Hasegawa and Academy need an improvement for the interior and the engine.

Here I get on another :swear::swear::swear:

Look what they did to the _5's wing !!! Raaaaahhhh !!


NO FABRIC on the -5's wing Hobby Boss san !!

To be continued...



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laying fuselage over each other is less useful  than taping them together,it's an interesting exercise.   Try a Tamiya -1 wit the Academy and hase -4's.



If the HB is -5 then the nose is different.  


As far as the HB Corsair family goes, the only one I have, and the only one worth bothering with is the  -4,  as Tamiya already do a decent -1, and Hase do the -5, AU-1 and -7,  both are better  starting points than the HB kits of those, but the HB  -4  is better than any other 1/48th -4,as it has a fuselage   that is basically the same  as the Tamiya in depth and shape.


This is the best photo I have  found of a -4 underside



remember  the F4U-4 is basically the same to  the firewall as an F4U-1,  with a new engine added  on, plus some belly modifications.


Here's a -1 belly




I really need to  do some  pics but if you do tape a tamiya -1 to the Academy  -4,  note that the  Academy is deeper, more slab sided,  and  the wing roots are about 2 mm lower,   I  corrected the fuselage, but then that messed up the belly  line,  I  think that the  Academy  wings sitting too low  make  the belly too flat.

It's hard to explain, and it's not an area commonly  visible on photos


If  you are basically happy with the Hase -4,  then taking 2 mm out of the spine of the Acadamy kit  will get it to be basically the  same.


Here's what I mean about the 'egg shape'  of the  fuselage



note from this that the Hase -5/AU-1/-7 cockpits  are a bit shallow.







the photo i



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Hello Troy,

Wich is the Tamiya used for your test ?

I will have a Tam back in a few weeks, if someone else did'nt bought it !

I have a lot of -4, from these are 2 HB and 2 or 3 Academy. The Monogram one is a collector

I probably will never build her.

The -5 and AU-1 share the same fuselage... almost

The -7 is a mix of these 2, I also have a Heller -7 and Heller AU-1

Lots of correction ahead.

Will check it.



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I used a Tamiya -1, they all use the same fuselage


After posting  I had a look at  the kits again, the Academy -4 will fit exactly with the Hase -4,  the locating pins are the  same!

The Academy fin  is also too thick, I tried removing more from  one side than the other to  recreate the offset  fin,  but this was before I found out that the Academy  was deeper and  a different shape.


When you get a Tamiya -1  back, try fitting the the rear cockpit bulkhead in the hase/acad fuselage, and you will see what I mean about it bein deeper.


for the wing being  too low, look at this




and then look at the  Acad/Has -4,  note the postion of wing to exhaust, and then you can see the wing is too low.

this is the  Acad



this is the Tamiya -1 for comparison, note the extra depth on the straight lower section of  the angled firewall panel  on Acad  above




It's not really  horrible, but I started out just trying  to thin the Academy spine, and  then found more problems with the fuselage, again, assuming Tamiya got it right....but  if you look at the factory photo this clearly shows the 'egg' shape,  well, the bottom of it,  and this is the shape of  the Tamiya rear cockpit bulkhead




if then look at the Acad/hase -4, you can see it's deeper, and the bottom of  the 'egg' almost has corners.


I just have not had  the enthusiasm to do all the comparison photos .... 


i did bash  the  Acad fuselage into shape, but then the belly went wrong, and I then put it away for a while.


Sorry to keep posting  all the in your threads, I hope it is of  interest ?




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No problems, you're welcome,

Will try it asap and check my differents plans.

It's always fun to look so closely, then the decision to do it or not is a personal choice.

I was glad with the Hobby Boss, but there,  the egg has been made by Rubick's hens...:lol:

Still working on the comparative comprehensive Seafire 17 build.. :P

The flattened -4 has gone unnoticed in french reviews, they still are glued on the UC doors...

One of them has corrected the exhaust and the windshield..

5 corsairs and 7 Spit/seafires on the go; not too bad.



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Hello Dears

Here I'm back


The engine will be weathered,


and I also worked on this one :whistle:

Have a very nice week end.



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Hello dears,

I work on the road with a P2V-7 but a yellow one, see...


The engine is almost finished, I tuned or pimp my Pratt

The exhaust stacks were far too tiny for such an engine, the HB one are more exhaust for an old Ford cortina than for Corsair


and the exhaust recession in the fuselage are remade since the HB were not conform


There will be a blue bent wing bird in the RFI soon..

At last I hope:D

More to come soon.



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Hello Dears,

I've tried the différents Corsairs, following the Troy's suggestion.

And here's the result.

I did'nt bought another Tamiya F4U-1, BUT !!

I copied some parts for the Hobbycraft Corsairs that wait their turn in the stash


Here's the egg part from the Tamiya, ley's put it in the Adademy F4U4 first


Academy is 1mm too wide and 1mm too deep, sorry, I can live with that ! See


But more important, the shape is good !! :jump_fire::thumbsup:

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I did'nt stop here, look !

Here's the same part in the Otaki F4U-1


Fit perfectly, seem to be good too:clap2:

Let's try the Trumpy F4U-1 ??


What's to say ? :cheers:

And last but not least, I knew it before since I've experimented it, with the Hobbycraft


This thread has started as a 2X F4U-4, but now there is 5 Corsairs on the run !

1 Trumpy F4U-4

1 Trumpy F4U-1

1 Academy F4U-4

1 Otaki F4U-1 and an Hobbycraft, guess what it will be ??


This evening has been a Corsair evening !!

More to come soon.

Thank for watching.



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Hello dears,

This evening has been dedicated to sailor's Aircraft, I let down both the MiG and the Mk IX aside.

So I worked on my Corsairs


The Roc was also invited, a sailor's Aircraft too after all !

And I worked on this one too


F-4B, also and without surprise from Jolly Rogers Sqdn but drawin' blood in South East Asia instead of foraging in Med sea

Hoops sorry for the supposedly martian's mug, did'nt notice when I took the pic.

The martian can may be help in identifying these type of ETI.

Okay Dears, 2 evening work days, I will be less present....

Have a very nice Sunday and happy modelling.



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Hello Dears,

I showed my Academy F-4B, but must share this part of the beast too


Aires interior, deemed as impossible to install by a french modelling magazine, impossible ??

So I must try it:penguin:


But I owe to the Truth to say that it has not been easy at all, but it's Worth the effort IMHO

See you later, take care.



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Hello Dears,

Mumble Mumble !

Must now reshaping the belly of my -4 !

It was well gone but !


See you later !



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Hello Dears,

One has surely see that the headsight of my Phantom has died on the account of the big stubby fingers !

So I use the PE set as a Template and go on


SWMBO has been particularly ... How can I say it

So I used my "De choix" weaponry, and I was about to look like it ... So


Goooood Music, keep SWMBO at bay, Coooool !

No I know that I'm not always "Mister nice guy !"

Have a very good modelling day



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