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Revell SnapTite cruiser

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Finished this a couple of days ago, something a little different for me, picked the kit up earlier this year in California for a tidy sum of $9.99, so I got two. Nicely made, couple of little bits inside to go with the police stickers - yes stickers not decals. Moulded in black which made the white paint a pain. The decals are from JBOT (who still seems to be off line), the light bar is from police car hobbies and a few stick on glittery things to simulate the LEDs that adorn most emergency vehicles these days.

You may ask why Ontario Provincial Police out of Thunder Bay? Well, I could lie here but I saw a photo of an OPP cruiser and liked the look of it and these are what I had left from a project of a few years ago.


 30866471080_d0cd7a4211_z.jpgUntitled by phil da greek, on Flickr


30866460910_b03c34c56a_z.jpgUntitled by phil da greek, on Flickr


30412970584_5f6c8ef9b5_z.jpgUntitled by phil da greek, on Flickr


Hope you like it, I enjoyed the simple build but as always there were some struggles along the way.

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