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Wellington Torpedo Bombers.

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I haven't built the Torpedo version but I did open up the old Airfix Wellington's bomb bay which you dont see very often, just thought it might encourage you to rip out those bomb doors and have a go . ..  





I am looking forward to see your build of this usually version of the 'Wimpey'


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The end of the bomb bay doors (and cell sides?) had to be cut away because the Monoplane Air Tail was too wide to fit into the standard cells.  So it must have been intrinsic to carrying torpedoes rather than anything local.

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2 hours ago, dogsbody said:

A couple pictures from here: http://biltongbru.wixsite.com/ww2-saaf-heritage




Scroll down to photo # 24 and # 39.






   O/T but i like 56, the different colour paint on the beaufort wing/fuselage joint 



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