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Marineflieger Tornado Norm 87 camouflage

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Meanwhile, while researching an Op Shader RAF Tonka, I stumbled across some pictures I made of a JBG33 Tornado with still the marineflieger Camo, together with Norm 83 gasbags and Norm 76 pylons. However after some research, I did find out that there are at least 3 different paint schemes. So serial 4618 and 4611 has more of the blue grey paint compared to the drawings from don color... 


Am I right to assume the following? :


-The camo is alternating blue grey with the lighter grey's

-the lighter colour on top of the aircraft is totaly green-grey?

-the lighter colour on bottom surfaces together with the side surfaces the grey-green gets replaced by the medium grey colour.

-The front patch of lighter grey on the tail, where mostly the reverser staining is, is also green-grey while the patch at the top of the tail is the medium grey again like all side surfaces.


Is there anyone who has a manual of syhart's decals for the marineflieger display spare? Which looks to be the schemes I'm researching too, but it is the 4620 special markings plane. 


And as the last question, are there Camo instructies in the Hahen decals as this seems to be the any source for accurate JBG33 decals? 


Thanks in advance!

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Hi, 128fiddler,


The whole matter of Marineflieger Tornado Norm 87 camouflage is confusing. True, there are three schemes all with the basic colours.


Do you have the "DonColor" plate named "Norm 87 D"? that's the latest scheme.That one is the same as Luftwaffe's Norm 83 with changed colours. RAL 7012 Basalt Grey in place of 34079, 5008 Blue in place of 7021 Black and 7009 in place of 6003. You recognize it by the dark zone sweeping backwards from left to right on the upper surfaces.


The previous schemes are specific and also different, though they share the same colours. One of them can be recognized by the dark zone in the middle of the fin, left side. I cannot find a picture of the other now. Your best bet would be getting an Airdoc book. I have it at home; shall check and try to make sense of them.


Instructions in HaHen decals I have always found confusing/lacking. The guy answers your queries, but it is not much clarifying.


Hope that helps.



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To make things a little more complicated, there are not three but four Norm 87 schemes.

Norm 87A and B are the original Marineflieger schemes, scheme C was specified but never used, Norm 87D was the Luftwaffe Norm 83A in Marinflieger colours and likewise Norm 87E was Norm 83B.

Sadly I found only the Don Color plates for the latter two:

Norm 87D

Norm 87E

This is 46+20 in Norm 87A - note the dark Grey Blue (RAL 5008) areas on the front and the middle of the plane:


This is 43+87 in Norm 87B - with Grey Blue in a blotch under the cockpit and to the aft:




It is a heck of a job to tell the colours apart on those Marineflieger Tonkas. And flying those birds over the salty waves of the North and Baltic Sea didn't help in that task either. Especially that Green Gray (RAL 7009) had the tendency to fade extremely. On a lot of pics you can't tell the difference between it and the Basalt Grey (RAL 7012) painted areas.  




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