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Remove Before Flight (Steel) - 1:72 Eduard

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Remove Before Flight (Steel)

1:72 Eduard




It doesn't seem that long ago that Eduard released a set of photo etched RBF tags in this scale (although on checking it was actually four years ago), but here they are with a brand new set containing eight different types of tags. You can hardly blame them for releasing another set, as apparently their RBF tags are one of their best sellers. I like items such as these as they can add a superb sense of scale and realism to a finished model. With the addition a few items like these, you can easily imagine your model sitting on the flight line, fuelled up and ready for action.




The strips of metal that connect the tags to the fret are pretty fine, so with a little care you should be able to remove them without damaging the paint. You might want to consider applying some masking tape to the back of the fret before your start though, just in case any of the tags ping off into the ether. Once removed, careful treatment will be needed in order to give the tags a more realistic twist. I say careful as if you manhandle these items, I imagine the paint could flake off. That wouldn’t be the end of the world as you could easily touch them up, but it would be a nuisance nonetheless



I can already imagine some of my finished models bombed up, with a handful of these tags fitted. All-in-all, these should be a really cost effective way of injecting a bit of realising to a finished model. Recommended.




Review sample courtesy of logo.gif


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