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1/24 - Baykar Bayraktar TB2 tactical UAV by Tanmodel - released

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Unusual subject of limited interest for non-Turkish modellers IMO. Tanmodel is to release a 1/24th Baykar Bayraktar TB2 MALE tactical UAV kit - ref.2906






Aucun texte alternatif disponible.





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Turkishmodellers on facebook page are asking why they chose that scale too, it would be great if it was 1/48

My guess is, for 1/48 it is too small so they doubled the scale.

On the other hand, there are not many options for a diorama with an UAV (at least in my mind), so to be in the same scale of  some other planes etc. won't be a big concern IMHO.

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I don't buy the size argument - it's not much smaller than an F-16, and its wingspan is similar to a Spitfire.  It's not gargantuan in 1/24 but it will be pretty large - about 27 x 50 cm (10 x 20").  So it would be on the small side for a modern 1/48 subject, but it's still bigger than an I-16.


My guess is, they're actually designing this for the defense sector, as a desktop/display model for various civil servants, military personnel and potential customers.

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Might be interesting for a scalorama whatif something or other.


Paul Harrison

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Tan Model -on their facebook page- explained that the scale is chosen by the manufacturer of the real thing, so desktop model for potential customer theory makes more sense to me now

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Some translations:
It will be a snap-fit kit.
I'm skipping the intro which is about the company manufacturing this UAV that TanModel worked closely.
- Plastic parts in the same body color as BAYRAKTAR TB2 HAIR
- Camera parts that are realistic and can turn 360 ° right-left, 360 ° up-down
- Separate transparent camera parts for modelers who want to paint the kit
- Correct decal set
- All color, easy to understand construction manual in TURKISH
- Easily interlocking design for each level of modelers (Snap-Fit)
- Detailed landing gear and nest (or whatever it is called)
- Precision panel lines and rivet details
- MAM-L ammunition and pylon pieces with realistic details
- A transparent display foot allowing to display the model in a flying position
- Part quantity: 74
- Difficulty level: 1
- Length: 287mm
- Wing Opening: 515mm
- Height: 94mm
- Height including display stand: 173mm

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Dear forum members and our modeller friends;

First of all, thank you for your interest in our new project. We wanted to inform you following our Turkish announcement published in our official Facebook page for Turkey market.

M.A.L.E. class Bayraktar TB2 Tactical UAS manufactured by BAYKAR A.S. is being successfully used by Turkish Military Forces since 2014. Engineered by Turkish engineers, Bayraktar TB2 has the most advanced properties in its class. It has autonomic control system (Automatic Take Off-Landing systems developed in house demonstrated fully automatic taxi, take off, cruise, landing, parking phases), 27.000-feet altitude and 24-hour uninterrupted flight time. It uses 2 MAM-L smart munitions manufactured by Roketsan (with %100 accuracy rate).



As TANMODEL, we want to present you a beautiful kit. Our kit will be consisted of highly detailed 74 parts and will be easy to build. We hope that you will like our kit with its 360 degrees rotating camera, front landing gear that can be built open or closed, plastic with the same color as the actual UAV (for beginner modelers) and clear camera parts for experienced modelers. In addition, MAM-L smart munition will be given by TANMODEL for the first time in modeling industry.















We will release our kit worldwide with a reasonable price tag.

Best regards,


Owner and Founder of TANMODEL™ Plastic Model Kits Ltd.

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By Car (!) box art. OK Tanmodel, now it's time to come back to serious subjects... I mean for non-Turkish modellers. ^_^

Source: https://www.facebook.com/SAMEditor1/posts/1188059644642372



Anyway for those who like the Turkish drones, have a look here:


Ema Plast - 1/32 - TAI ANKA - ref. EA4225



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Whilst we all want a new Bucc / Su-33 etc from Tan Model they are a business and for this they worked with the Turkish manufacturer of the real thing so maybe the funds from this will go into making the models we want come a little quicker?



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