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1968 Lotus 49 - Ebbro

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Hi everyone,

Here are some pictures of my second F1 model. I tackled the Ebbro Lotus 49 in 1/20, Ebbro's first kit. I used Indycals to finish this as the Rob Walker Racing Team privately-entered car. Swiss ace Jo Siffert drove this car in the first half of 1968 season. He drove the car in this guise in the 1968 Belgian Grand Prix, where he failed to finish. After a string of DNF's, the 49 was replaced by a winged 49B that Siffert would use to win the British Grand Prix that year. I used Tamiya TS-55 through an airbrush for the Rob Walker blue. I stripped the chrome and sprayed Alclad chrome over the shiny bits. The rest of the car was finished up with Vallejo acrylics and Testors metallizer. Scratchbuilt bits include brake lines, spark plug wires, fuel lines, and a brass radiator pipe. It was a very fiddly and often frustrating build, but an impressive kit nonetheless. I will definitely be trying some of Ebbro's newer kits in the future. I particularly liked that I didn't have to mess with doing belts - Siffert never had them in the car! 


Comments and critiques always welcome.


















Thanks for looking,


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You've done a fantastic job on this car, the body work looks great. In my opinion it is the most attractive f1 car ever.

I have been mulling over buying one of these for a while but want to do it justice so want to finish a lotus 25 I've had in the back of my cupboard for a few years now.




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A very good effort indeed. Good scratch built details and good work on the various metal finishes. Thanks for posting. ... and good luck ... considering that you are exiled to a dorm ... quite possibly in an institution of higher learning.                 Bob H.

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Thanks for the comments, everyone! I'm always humbled by your kindness. 


On 11/29/2016 at 8:40 AM, Euan87 said:

This is amazing, is there a corresponding work in progress thread for your build?

Sadly not, I was planning on it but the build was progressing so quickly that I never had the chance to! I just started Ebbro's Tyrrell 002, I'll definitely be making a thread for it!


11 hours ago, Briggers said:

You've done a lovely job there.

I have one of these which i plan to do in the Gold Leaf livery with indycal decals, although my first experience of indycals wasn't great.


That would be a very fun project - the wingless 49 looked great in the gold, red and white too. I used IndyCals for most of this build and I was pretty pleased with them. My only gripe was the white was a little thin and in some angles the blue shows through the white band.

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This is the exact kit that I'm aspiring to build (reasonably well). If it looks anything like yours I will be chuffed to bits. I see Tamiya offer the Lotus as a kit, too. Is the Ebbro kit a better standard or are they basically the same kit?

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