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Porsche 934 Turbo RSR Vaillant - Tamiya 1:24


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Hi all, well it's time to get a new model on the go, fingers crossed I can get my photos up the right way this time.


had this for a while now and as I'm waiting for my next project in the post, I thought I may as well got on with this one.


so first up the box and instructions;





and of course the sprue shots



This looks like a nice kerbside kit with plenty of detail. I will be building it out of the box, my next build however won't be...

but I have strayed off topic.


The chassis has been cleaned up and primed and painted the body colour, I really like this colour....




and after some fiddly masking the engine gets a dash of colour....




Time to get the under carriages little bits prepped and primed












Well that's all for this post, fingers crossed the pics display ok for those of you looking in from the PC platform.



as always, any and all comments welcomed.


Thanks for dropping by,



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The more the merrier. Glad to hear the pictures are coming out ok. 


Dedicating the the majority of the day to the build tomorrow. So fingers crossed the end state will be a rolling chassis and the interior coming along nicely

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5 hours ago, Schwarz-Brot said:

Pics are alright on PC. At least for me. Nice kit, may have to build this one as well. And a good start. I like that Vaillant green as well.

If you don't already have it.l in your stash, I believe I recall reading that Tamiya have recently retooled this model. 

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Ok, so a busy morning this morning with masking and painting. 



First lot of bits Masked up.



After the shocks had had their coat of silver, I decided I wanted to stray from the colours slightly and do the springs yellow. I knew I could use a dry brush technique but I wanted to airbrush everything, so after some thiught on how to accomplish this, I decided to try and use a doubled piece of cotton thread to mask the area between the shocks. Having never tried this I decided it was all or nothing, and I couldn't find evidence online of anyone trying this method....so a potential first?




👆🏻 Silver sprayed and masked up




And now the bits after spraying, and some re-masking and respraying the other layers.....









👆🏻 I like the way these turned out but am undecided if I really want to drill out the discs by hand or not, considering they won't really be visible at this scale.



and finally, the results of my cotton thread making technique....



I'm really happy with the result considering the speed and ease of this masking technique.


well, that's it for now, I have a box full of bits that I'm going to allow some good drying time, and then I'll get them assembled tomorrow probably. 


Ill probably get get on with some of the interior this evening, but alas, chores are calling currently.


Thanks for dropping by and as always, comments and suggestions are welcomed.



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Interior and seat primed, rollcage built.


time for the wheels







Time for some colour 






And the finished result...not too shabby




as always, thanks for dropping by



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Missed photo
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That really looks the part coming together nicely!

Like your masking idea for the shock/springs I'll file that idea away for future use! 

(Never even thought of doing something so simple always done springs with a brush!)



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On 14/11/2016 at 4:22 PM, Jake Moon said:

Nice work! Wheels look awesome.

Cheers, spent ages messing about with masking tape for the inner rim before simply inserting some rolled cardboard. Lesson learned.


A little update also. 


Got the chassis all up together. 



Cheers for dropping in 👍🏼



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So a little more done this afternoon. 




dash is is currently sat with primer on. 



let me put some meat on the bones so to speak. We'll deal with the front spring assembly in this mini guide.


1. Prep springs, remove mould lines and clean with soapy water


2. Primer to highlight any areas that need attention for further cleaning.


3. Clean up any new areas that require it and re prime. (Skip if you were all good)


4. Spray on the base layer. In my case I sprayed the black first.


5. Mask of the top and bottom of the strut assembly that you want to remain black. At this point you are left with the exposed shock and springs.


6. Spray on the silver for the actual shock absorber (silver piston bit inside the spring coil)


7. Now fetch that piece of cotton.

- double it so it's basically double thickness to fill out the gaps a bit better

- use a piece of tape to attach it to one masked end

- now proceed to wrap the cotton into the crevice between the coils (keep the wraps fairly tight)

- once you reach the end use a second piece of tape to hold the cotton in place

- now the only unmasked area should be the actual spring coil


8. Spray up the coil any colour you choose (yellow in my case) 


9. Unmask the entire lit carefully and enjoy the finished springs and shocks. 


Hope that has cleared things up a little. 

Don't hesitate to ask if there's something I haven't explained well enough for you. 

I can look out and old spare shock and do a little photo guide if need be.


Cheers for stopping by




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So the last update for the night. Got the dash all painted up and decals applied. 


Last stretch to to go next, all the bodywork, PE and decals.


fingers crossed I may get it done by the end of the week.




As always,


Thanks for looking in and feel free to leave a comment.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all, 


small update this evening. Finally got the body sanded, filled and a few PE parts in place.


prepped for primer



And a little sneak preview of the primer before I sealed it away from the dust




As long as the primer doesn't turn up any problems then we will be moving on to the interior roof lining,  body colour and window rubbers.


and also the part I'm dreading most, the decals. There are a lot that I think will prove ..... tricky.



any how, thanks for looking in,


kind regards



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May I ask what Primer you use? I am currently looking for what to use. I have Vallejo PU primers on hand which I use for miniatures and I know military builders use them a lot, too. For gaming miniatures I use Army painter stuff, but this leaves pretty rough surfaces, not what I want for a car.


The primed body looks very promising. I love that step.

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I just use Halfords rattle cans for the primer, cheap and cheerful.


It doesn't leave the smoothest layer but gives the colour paint something to adhere to and ends up nice and flat after building up the colour 




Halfords plastic primer - grey



hope this helps.  Decided to go the rattle can route after seeing roymattblacks results on the forum. It works out cheap to prime and it saves messing about with the airbrush. 


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I use a cheapy airbrush for priming, so that's ok. Never had much luck with rattle cans. Tend to get buildup at the nozzle which then gets thrown on my stuff. Though I have to admit I only ever did really large stuff when that happened. Those brands are not available around here, but now I know what to look for. Will give it a try at some point.


Thank you, also for providing the links. This is helpful.


Btw - looks like you missed some mouldline on the front bumper under the right headlight. Guess you saw that already.

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