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Irregular spitfire.... Field mod twin seater.

It's a disease

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So in a recent thread in stgb spitfires, I started talking about other types of spitfire I would like to build.

Im looking for absolutely anything on the following spitfire.

(log book info, Sqn records, pictures, pilots notes, evidence etc. etc.)


Info from Morgan and Shacklady.

Spitfire ES127, Mk Vc KJ-I
(j has angle / lower part, top part flat/horizontal. I has hat and tails, like a Roman numeral. Could in fact be KJ-1)

(According to colour profile)
Light stone/Dark earth Azure blue.
Red spinner & big chin.....
(2nd seat forward of pilot using what looks like a standard spitfire front glazing unit.)
Pilot would be seated on top of lower tank? Top tank removed.

39 MU 10-11-42, 82 MU 27-11, emp Clive 11-12-42
Tak 23-2-43, NA 30-11-43
261 Sqn second cockpit install Catania Sicily 1944
SOC 9-20-47


Maintenance Unit.
Empire Clive? Was a cargo ship.
TaKoradi? Is in Ghana?
North Africa
Struck Off Charge



Thank you.

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(Spelling, again!)
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Hi Its a Disease


Funnily enough I was just searching for something similar and had these links to hand. Like Seahawk says, just pop your search term and 'Britmodeller' and you will find pretty much everything you are looking for:



Best regards



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