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London Flying Club colours


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Anyone got any suggestions for the yellow used by the London Flying Club? Cambridge Flying Club still use the scheme on their Tiger Moths G-AHIZ & G-AOEI. Due to working shifts, reduced daylight hours and the aircraft being kept in the hanger more at this time of year I'm a bit stuck for a chance to pop over and compare iModelKit against the real thing!

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Go Google, Gordon!


What you seek is the Cambridge Flying Group, if you put this in to Google:

cambridge flying club tiger moth

it will give you a nice box on the right of the screen with three nice colour pictures of their two Moths.


Even nicer, try this :




Next, choose your yellow, it looks  like a nicely rich egg yolk to me!

Have I won the 'getting the word nice into a reply more often than anybody else' award?

All the best,



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Hit the save too soon....silly me.
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John I'm aware of the Groups website, however I'm also aware colour renditioning can be variable by the colour temperature the photo was taken in, screen renditioning etc etc Given the Aeroclub Tiger Moth had G-AOEI as one of the options I had hoped someone might comment with a colour they had used. My recollection is the yellow is richer than trainer yellow, but as I said I can't easily get to see them to confirm my thoughts. 

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