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Wingnut Wings Albatros D.va, with Pheon decals (photos added!)

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1:32 WNW Albatros D.Va

Pheon 'Jasta 17' Decals


Jagdstaffel 17 was formed in October 1916, and went on to produce many well known aces before the Great War ended in November 1918. Pheon decals produced a fabulous sheet in 2015 depicting many of their aircarft Reviewed here. I resolved at the time to build aone of them, and promptly ordered an Albatros from Wingnut Wings. Work got underway, but the project suffered delays due to work commitmnets, and work was only resumed on it a couple on months ago. I was torn between Hubertus Rudno-Rudzinski's 'Gisi' and Rudolph von Esebecks checkerboard marked D.Va. Von Esebeck won! If I can obtain another Albatros kit I will do another. At least the Roden D.III is still available, so Julius Buckler's 'Mops' may well be joining this one at some stage.



Studying the photograph of this machine at the front of the Osprey Jasta 17 book showed what looks like a flare pistol port under the cockpit opening, and in front of the wappen shield. These were often fitted as a field modification, so I scratched on up from plasticard and tube. It then made sense to fit a rack of flares to the outher side of the cocpit opening.


I went for a slightly darker coloured fuselage to provide more contrast with the yellow squares. The fuselage is covered with individual panels of Uschi van der Rosten woodgrain decals, which give a fantastic finish. Pheon's deacls performed flawlessly and that big checekerboard went on in 1 piece and fitted perfectly, joining precisely on the underside.

Rigging is with Maxima Chameleon fishing line and stretched cotton bud turnbuckles.


















I found the book written by the CO, Julius Buckler, for only £3 on Amazon!



Thanks for looking,




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Nearly missed this little treat, John -


Lovely work and a great marking scheme too - also good to see you back in the WW1 genre.





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Thank you chaps. I've just noticed that the photos reveal a bit of flaking/chipping of the blue trim to the trailing edge of the upper wing. I'll have to deal with that!





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Nice to see this one pop up again after 4 years! Comments much appreciated as always.


On 15/02/2020 at 17:28, Jasonsamuel said:

Hi John,

a little late to the party, but a stunning model. 
Im just build one now, and wondered which Uschi decals you used. 
I was looking at the corse grain, but not sure if that is too much. 




Hi Jason, I use Uschi's woodgrain sheet  (1004) WGSF48-B "Knotless" which has 2 A5 sheets in it, One 'Rich' which I used most of, and one 'Pale'.





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