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HMS Hood Degaussing Cable. 1:200

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HMS Hood Degaussing Cable

Scalewarships.com 1:200



The release of the Trumpeter 1:200 scale HMS Hood was met with great excitement, even the gestation period before release seemed interminable. Unfortunately there are a few faults with the kit, on being the degaussing cable doesn’t go where it should. To that end Robin at Scalewarships.com has produced this set just to replace the errant kit item. The single sheet of relief etched brass contains enough cable to go round the whole ship with the correct routing around the hawse pipes. Naturally, being 1:200 it’s still quite a large sheet yet will take some care and patience to fit correctly. You will need to read the instruction carefully as there is a particular order to fit the cables. The diagram in the instructions shows you what’s what, so stick to it. Each of the anchor fairings is handed, the shorter one being fitted to the port side. There are number of supports included that need to be added to the inner face of each fairing and the cat heads and pulleys, also included in the set, to be added.



This is a very nice and easy to use set which would add some much needed detail to this great kit and correct the slight flaws in the kit items. It is also considerably cheaper than buying the big sets out there, some of which aren’t accurate themselves. So if you just want to correct the most glaring mistakes, this and the next two releases will be the way to go.





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