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1/16 Trumpeter Panzer 4 ausf F2


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Well, even more progress although a little bit annoying. I completed the weathering and I'm pretty happy with how it went. The engine bay especially has come out pretty much exactly as i wanted it;




And the front is looking pretty good too




This is just dry fitting pieces inside the hull, the weathering on the breaks isn't done yet (needs to match the transmission basically). As you can see, the bars at the front dont quite line up (I'm fine with that, as long as they're vaguely close it'll look fine once the upper frontal plate is in place, even worse though the pipes that should be on the breaks simply dont work. The one of the left as we see it goes straight through the codrivers chair and the one on the right through the ammo box back there. I've checked the instructions multiple times over but they just simply dont come even close to lining up. 


The plate at the back of the engine bay needs some work, only a small bit at the top is seen so I'll just putty those bits flat then paint up. I'm not sure if I'll put the cowlings that go over the top of the tracks on at this stage or later (I'm leaning towards later) 

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Well a week of sucess and failure. I got the final bits of the internals (well, 95% of it) painted and installed. Got the internals in and got the breaks in. Its really easy to see what the problem with thre transmission was now, you see, its somehow got twisted;




The part at the back is flush against the flor, but the front is on an angle. I'm really not sure how this happened as theres literally only one way those pieces can go together (I checked back through the instructions, there are cut outs inside the peices that have to line up). Annoying but it doesnt actually matter too much as those pieces wont be seen. The real annoyance is there should be some pipes from the breaks to the transmision, but those simply dont line up so I'm not sure if I want to put them in or leave them out. You can also see the (failed) result of playing with some dust pigments there. I went a bit too heavy and used 'light' dust (thinking it meant like a light coat of dust) when infact its just super bright dust which isn't quite what I wanted. Live and learn. 


Also annoying is some of the paint got scraped as I put the bottom into the tank, you can see on the right hand side here a huge gouge;




Thats through 2 coats of varnish which is annoying. I think its mostly fine and any patch job would end up looking more out of place than the scrape does imo. No matter what I've done, t hat back wall on the engine deck just wont play ball. Its grimey but doesnt look right at all;




Luckily you really dont see the back of this once the fans and radiators go in over the top of it. Again you see the failure of the dust. ITs easy to clean up (i only used water as a fixing agent so just more water and a cotton bug scoops it right up). 


In general I'm about 60% happy with how things have come together throughout;




Theres some extra boxes to pop on that back wall (medical kit and such), the extra shells to pop into the ammo bix down there but those'll go in nice and easily. Theres also the extra wall/support to go in behind the transmission that I'm a little worried about but I think that'll fit just fine. I'm thinking though that I might well put the hull over the top, I'm happy with this as it was fun and a great learning experience, but I think that I'm not totally happy to have it on display. In order to do that there may need to be a bit of interesting play with the exhaust from the transmission. Since that whole piece is a bit twisted I might have to cut it off inside the tank, then glue the other side into the hull to make it fit. 

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Coming along fine, tread carefully for next few construction steps fitting the upper hull parts. Fit is a bit iffy and you have already noticed that the pipe running through the cabin to the left hand side an be rather difficult.Take your time and keep dry fitting until you feel it can be glued down. Also keep some epoxy and harsh language at hand. It can be done though, been there done that etc.

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Yea. I'm in 1 of 2 minds about that pipe. I might cheat a little and cut it off on the inside then glue it in place inside the upper hull. I think you wont be able to see that bit through the turret ring anyway so I'm not convinced it'll matter.


I've got a long way to go before that though, both side skirts to put on, the frontal and upper frontal plate to get on and all the guts to go on the inside of the hull (which (I might not paint, again I'm not convinced you'll actually see them even when the turret is out of the tank. 

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