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A random lot of builds, X-15 SHAR, TB1, SR-71, 109, 190, Hurri, Spit, Hawk, He-162, F117, Jag, A-10, etc. (Added Beau)

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The latest build over the course of 7 days of "lockdown". Fastest build I've ever done.

The Tamiya 1:48th Beaufighter VI. A lovely kit that just wants to go together!









Current build: Tamiya Dornier Do-335. In primer on the painting frame, just awaiting the shops to re-open for a paint resupply!

The mould date says 2000 on this kit and I'm truly amazed at the quality of fit here! Simply magnificent tooling and right up there with the Freedom Models F-20 kit (which only needed a dot of filler the size of a pin-head)





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