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1/72 Fokker DV II in belgian colors

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I picked up this little kit for around 4€ in a toystore. Post ww1 some german types saw service in the belgian airforce. most where stripped of their guns and used as trainers.

I wanted a quick build so i build it almost straight from the box, only leaving off the guns and covering the hole with plastic card and filler, i also added a windshield.


the lozenge cammo presented a problem as the kit decals only provice a black outline pattern for these and revell will have you paint each individual square by hand... seriously revell?


I googled some lozenge patters and printed these to scale, after adding belginan roundles.. these where stuck to the plastic parts using a mixture of microscale kristal kleer and pva and also given a coat with this.

For the commet on the fuselage, i first sprayer the area red and than put masking tape over a printed design, carefully cut out and masked it and than oversprayed with an off-white.


i imagine the real plane had it's fuselage recovered with new, unpainted fabric resulting in the strange, but striking design.


original decals asside, and considdering it's vintage, this is a little gemn of a kit, and given there's more interesting conor schemes for it, i'd certainly be tempted to pick another one up.













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Very nice indeed.  The lozenge pattern technique you used has worked well.  I really like the engine/radiator and that wooden effect you've done on the prop ! :goodjob:



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Very nice, I think Blue Rider do decals for a similar one & its one I'm keen to do. I've been on a Belgian AF  bent since visiting the Museum in Brussels a couple of years ago & have been steadily accumulating kits & decals since.


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That's a nice build.The DVII is a great kit for the amount of different colour schemes and markings.You are never short of inspiration with it.Yours is excellent.

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