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Halloween - Vampire & (Sea) Venom

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A most suitable theme for this Halloween night, with the fog-filled streets around my house filled with ghouls, ghosts, goblins etc etc.


This months output from the Gengriz workshops consists of two twin boomers, a spooky Frog Sea Venom of 892 Sqn marking the 60th anniversary of the Suez landings, and a ghostly Heller Vampire from the same era, but farther north with 603 Sqn RAuxAF at Turnhouse/Edinburgh Airport.






Both are models I have built before in different guises.  


The Sea Venom is a Ukrainian re-pop of the old FROG kit, which translates roughly as Flash-fest, with Modelart markings, whilst the Heller Vampire is a very nice little model  and carries some old Modeldecal markings - the chance to compare it with my recent FROG Sea Vampire conversion leaves me in no doubt that this one is the better of the two! 














FredT :)


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A right Halloween pair if I may say so and well painted. I like the Vampire FB5 but am a bit biased as 603 Sqn was our local R.Aux.AF unit when I were lad in the Edinburgh area and remember the Vampire whistling about well, but they didn't  bite ha ha. Many of the old Frog and Heller kits are still worth building and with a bit patience can be built into acceptable models I find. Once again, a love pair of De Havillands finest products. Best wishes.


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